Recently, Shenzhen jiangbolong Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “jiangbolong”), a technology-based storage brand, and Shenzhen Deyi Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Deyi micro”), a flash memory control chip manufacturer, officially reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation. The two sides will take the master control cooperation of the whole product line as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation, deeply control chip customization, improve product quality, and actively participate in promoting the development of China’s storage ecology through resource sharing and complementary advantages.

Share resources and complement each other’s advantages to create industry benchmark products

Signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Jiang Bolong and Deyi micro
Signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Jiang Bolong and Deyi micro
Since 2007, Jiang Bolong has cooperated with deyiwei (formerly known as silicon lattice semiconductor) in the field of USB flash disk and memory card, and has successively expanded to embedded storage, SSD solid-state storage with SATA interface, and continuously penetrated into various subdivided fields. After 12 years of cooperation, DM master has enjoyed a certain brand reputation in jiangbolong’s customer base. During this period, jiangbolong has produced the first domestic embedded module, and Deyi micro has also developed the first domestic EMMC master that can be mass produced.
Years of cooperation have enabled both sides to establish solid trust and have a deep understanding of each other. The conclusion of this comprehensive strategic cooperation will further give play to the advantages of both sides and stimulate greater cooperation potential.
Deyi micro has a comprehensive and complete master control solution. Its products cover all fields from consumer level to enterprise level (PCIe / SATA / EMMC / UFS / UFD / SD / SPI NAND / secure storage control chip). The embedded master control can achieve (- 40 ℃ – 125 ℃) wide temperature. The flexible one-stop service model can well meet the needs of product development and compress the product development cycle, In the future, we will provide complete and highly competitive products and solutions for jiangbolong’s whole product line. As a strategic supplier (partner) of jiangbolong, Deyi micro has standardized and guided through framework agreements, strategic project cooperation, key direction support and other ways to promote the steady development of bilateral cooperation and ensure that it meets expectations.
After jiangbolong released a number of 1TB products that broke the capacity “ceiling” of the whole line of products in 2018, it focused more on market analysis and understanding, accelerated the research and development of engineering specification and vehicle specification level storage products and SD card software customization, and has now released vehicle specification level EMMC products to serve the market details of more industrial industries. In the future, jiangbolong will rely on its excellent design ideas and excellent chip design ability to achieve accurate definition of products and meet various market needs. And increase the cooperation between the two sides in the field of UFS and PCIe solid-state storage applications, create a full range of high-performance and high reliability work specification level, vehicle specification level and enterprise level storage products, and gradually develop milestone products with quality and performance higher than the industry level.

Open cooperation and win-win cooperation to develop China’s storage ecology

For the achievement of this comprehensive strategic cooperation and future expectations, a spokesman for jiangbolong electronics said that jiangbolong Electronics was lucky to have experienced the rapid development of NAND flash storage for 20 years. It adhered to the development of storage technology, complied with market changes, and laid a solid foundation for brand operation and international competition.
Deyi microelectronics’ R & D strength in flash memory control chip and one-stop service mode well meet the design requirements of jiangbolong storage products. The two sides have a cooperative relationship for 12 years. Now jiangbolong and deyiwei have officially reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation, which will not only deeply expand the cooperation between the two sides to various subdivided fields, but also open the underlying capabilities of deyiwei to partners, jointly build an open ecosystem with enterprise customers, promote close cooperation between industrial chains, and promote the upgrading of storage systems and the development of storage ecology.

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