JBL, a famous audio equipment brand, recently launched a new crowdfunding product called JBL reflect on indigogo crowdfunding platform. It is a headset that supports solar charging and has started crowdfunding.

All of us have used calculators with solar panels, which can provide the power needed for the calculator to run. Whether it is the light from indoor devices or the sunlight outside, it can charge the calculator.

JBL reflect solar powered rechargeable headset opens crowdfunding in indigogo

JBL’s new headphones, like calculators, are powered by indoor lighting or outdoor natural light. JBL said that as long as you stay outdoors for 1.5 hours, the headset can provide about 68 hours of use time, while the general wireless headset needs to be charged after playing for 20-30 hours. According to JBL, users who are outdoors for 2.5 hours or more a day will even have a “never power off headset.”.

It should be noted that the official estimated charging time of JBL reflect is based on the outdoor illuminance of at least 50000 LX (Lux, illuminance unit). If you live near the Arctic Circle, or in an area where the light time and intensity are insufficient, you can also use the USB interface to charge the headset quickly. After 12 minutes of charging, you can use it for two hours. The headset, available in green and red, supports handsfree calls, and tapping the headset activates Google smart assistant.

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