Apache commons contains a lot of open source tools to solve the problems often encountered in normal programming and reduce repetitive work. Project address

Commons BeanUtils

Provides packaging for java reflection and introspection APIs.

Dependency packages: commons codec, commons logging

Commons Codec

Is an encoding and decoding component, which provides common encoding and decoding methods, such as DES, SHA1, MD5, Base64, URL and soundx.

Commons CollecTIons

Is a collection component, which extends the collections API of Java standard, encapsulates, abstracts and supplements the common collection operations, and greatly simplifies the code while ensuring the performance.

Commons Compress

It is a component for compressing and decompressing files. It can operate AR, CPIO, UNIX dump, tar, zip, gzip, XZ, pack200 and bzip2 compressed files.

Commons ConfiguraTIon

Is a Java application configuration management tool, you can load configuration information from properties or XML file.

Dependency packages: commons Lang, commons log, commons BeanUtils, commons collections, commons codec

Commons CSV

Java operating system and background services

Is a Java class library used to read and write various comma separated value (CSV) format files.

Commons Daemon

Realize the common Java application into the background service of the system.

Commons DBCP

Database connection pool.

Dependency packages: commons logging, commons pool

Commons DBUtils

It is a JDBC tool component, which encapsulates the class of traditional operation database, and can transform the result set into list.

Commons Digester

Is a set of tools for mapping XML to Java objects.

Commons Email

Is a mail operation component, which encapsulates the java mail API and provides common mail sending and receiving classes to simplify mail operation. This component relies on the java mail API.

Dependency package: java mail https://java.NET/projects/javamail/pages/Home

Commons Exec

Provide some common methods to execute external process, such as executing EXE file or command line.

Commons FileUpload

It provides file upload function for web application or servlet, and file upload component of struts 2 and spring MVC.

Dependency package: commons IO

Commons IO

It’s a tool package to handle IO, right java.io It can be extended to provide more convenient IO operation.

Commons JCI

Provides a general java compiler interface.

Commons Lang

It is a tool package dealing with java basic object methods, which provides operations on basic objects such as characters and arrays, and makes up for the shortcomings java.lang API basic processing method is insufficient.

Commons Launcher

Java applications that can be started independently across platforms.

Commons Logging

Provides a unified log interface, while taking into account the lightweight and does not depend on the specific implementation. Class package gives Middleware / logging tool developers a simple log operation abstraction, allowing program developers to use different specific logging tools.

Commons Math

A lightweight self containerized class of mathematical and statistical methods, which contains most of the commonly used numerical algorithms.

Commons Net

Clients encapsulating various network protocols support FTP, NNTP, SMTP, POP3, telnet and other protocols.

Commons Pool

This paper provides a complete set of framework for object pooling and several distinctive object pooling implementations, which can effectively reduce the workload of processing object pooling. Class package is used to improve the call efficiency of large objects such as file handle, database connection and socket communication. In short, it is a technology of creating objects once and using them many times.

Commons Primitives

Provides a smaller, faster and easier to use support for Java base types.

Commons Validator

This paper provides a simple and extensible framework to define validators (validation methods) and validation rules in an XML file. Support the internationalization of verification rules and error messages.

Apache HttpClient

It used to be a subproject of Apache commons, but later it became independent. Httpclient simplifies all kinds of communication between HTTP client and server, and realizes the function of HTTP client program (browser program).

Dependency packages: commons codec, commons logging

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