The development of brush face payment over the years can be said to make enough face for all entrepreneurs and practitioners who support it.

Since its birth, brush face payment, which has attracted much attention, has been playing a full role since it entered the market, and has been recognized by numerous professionals. Even in difficult times like the epidemic, it has not been knocked down.

“Who said I would be useless after you all put on masks?” Not only that, during the epidemic period, it constantly improved itself, developed face recognition technology that can also be recognized by wearing masks, but also made a lot of contributions to epidemic prevention and control during the epidemic period.

It seems to tell the spectators who despise it with facts, “no matter which scene or industry I am in, I am the strongest.”

Japan launches face recognition system that can be used even with masks

NEC of Japan has officially launched a face recognition system suitable for the current environment, which can effectively identify users when they wear masks, Reuters reported.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia virus has been developing at a rapid pace in Japan, and has been developing the system to meet the needs of the Japanese environment, Takashima Shinya, assistant manager of NEC digital platform, said: “because of the coronavirus condition, the demand has increased even more, because the tight state last year lasted for a long time, so we are now pushing the technology to the market.”

It is reported that the technology can identify the user’s identity through the glasses and surrounding parts of the mask wearer, but it is worth noting that users must register their personal photos in advance. NEC said that the recognition process is less than 1 second, and the accuracy rate is more than 99.9%. Takashima also said that through the face recognition mode, it will not have to carry a security card to go out, and can prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

For this technology, China has started the corresponding research and development in February 2020, and started large-scale application in March of the same year.

The rise of face payment under epidemic situation

An epidemic has made masks the standard in our lives, and it represents an extraordinary year in 2020.

While masks insulate us from viruses, a new problem arises, that is, face recognition system can’t recognize the face wearing masks normally.

However, it should be noted that this problem is not unsolvable. In China, in order to better capture illegal personnel, the “local recognition” algorithm has already been implemented in the aspect of AI algorithm. This algorithm is mainly aimed at the practice that some suspects wear masks and hats in order to avoid monitoring.

It is understood that the reason why this technology has not been widely used before is mainly because of its low price and relatively low accuracy.

In view of this problem, some 3D vision enterprises have also proposed their own solutions to monitor through 3D structured light, but it has to be said that although 3D structured light is the most accurate technology, its recognition efficiency will drop sharply in strong light or special environment, which is also the reason why most 3D structured light technologies are still used indoors.

But when the epidemic came, the problem was solved. AI algorithm enterprises also gradually adjust the algorithm and launch new products. The key point of this technology is to establish the occlusion face image database, but the establishment of this database is not difficult to solve.

It is understood that at present, most AI recognition algorithms have this ability, which can be said to have been fully applied in China.

The reason why China launched this technology earlier than Japan does not mean that Japan’s technical strength is not strong, but that their user demand is not strong.

The epidemic has not only accelerated the development of smart digital business, but also led us to develop face recognition technology that can recognize even wearing masks. From an optimistic point of view, although the epidemic has affected our lives, it has also promoted the development of many industries.

Before the arrival of the epidemic, we only know that face brushing payment can be applied to catering, retail and entertainment places, but after the arrival of the epidemic, face brushing payment fully demonstrates its contribution in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In the future, what attitude will it appear in front of us? What kind of surprise will it bring us? It’s worth looking forward to.

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