When it comes to robots, what comes to mind first? Is it the future world type in science fiction blockbusters or the sweeping robot “running around” at home? For us, we are too far away in the future world, and the cleaning robot does not have the form of human. It is difficult to imagine a robot really becoming a “human” to participate in our life.

But Japan, a magical country, is different. They are keen on research and development across ethics and technology, and have also launched many “wonderful” robots, including Buddhist robots in temples and robot babies accompanying the elderly.

Today, what we want to talk about is even more powerful. She is a female robot. Her identity is “wife”. She can “have children” in addition to completing some daily work!

Japan has developed a female robot that can have children

1、 Robots can even have children?

Robots are generally considered to exist to replace people to complete some work. They may be “workers” on the production line or “waiters” who serve tea and water for us in life. However, with the improvement of human requirements for robot service, robots have more and more capabilities.

People are social animals and need to communicate with others, but some people don’t like socializing. In order to meet these needs, companion robots were born.

Previously, Zhidong also reported on companion robots. (Chinese documentary visits Robot Companion factory! Will people marry robots in 2050?) at that time, it only mentioned robots with companion and communication function. Although they are very close to humans, there are still many natural restrictions.

Now, Japan has launched a female robot, breaking the conventional design, and even installing a uterus for the robot, so that the robot can simulate women to have children.

With the support of large and small parts and various sensors in the human body, this female machine can simulate the whole process of human childbirth.

This female robot in Japan is mainly developed for male users. Its skin is very similar to that of real people. It adopts the most advanced silica gel technology, and is also equipped with a constant temperature system with the same body temperature as normal people.

The robot with the “function” of his wife is a standard beauty with fair skin and concave convex figure. From a practical point of view, it also has the function of doing simple housework and communication.

However, the most curious thing is the function of “having children”. After all, infertility is also a medical problem for people. Not everyone has the opportunity to have children. Isn’t this more difficult for robots to do?

In fact, although this “human wife” robot already has a “uterus” that can give birth to children, the robot can not really get pregnant. At present, it can only imitate the human reproductive process. Maybe one day, when Bioscience Technology and artificial intelligence technology develop to a certain stage, we can really see the robot baby.

2、 What’s the use of making robots “have children”?

Japanese female robots do have the “ability” to have children, but the “reproductive function” of female robots only imitates the whole process of human childbirth. They can’t really have children. What they give birth to is a child model placed in the body in advance.

So what’s the point of this feature?

For some men who choose to live with robots, perhaps one day robots can have children, which means that their families can be complete. But at present, the most practical function of this robot is still in science popularization and technical research.

The population ratio of Japan is similar to that of China, with more men and fewer women. Coupled with the influence of Japanese traditional culture, most women play the role of husband and child at home, and their work is mainly household chores and childcare chores. Female robots are more acceptable to Japanese men. Robots can meet their requirements for their partners and avoid some problems they don’t want to face.

On the other hand, these robots do not completely assume the role of wife, but also can be dual assistants for work and life. They can not only do housework, but also deal with detailed work such as accessing data and making calls. They can also customize their character and voice according to their needs.

In addition to meeting the needs of users who buy robots, such robots can also be used as teaching aids for popular science, female fertility, human organ composition and scientific and Technological Development in science and technology museums, medical schools and classrooms.

At present, it seems that making machines make children is still a function with more topics than practicality, but with the rapid development of science and technology, people’s needs will also change. Just like ten years ago, we didn’t expect to have a video chat with our friends in a foreign country one day.

3、 Those Japanese exotic robots

Some things the Japanese do always make people feel warm and strange.

In March, the University of Japan entered the graduation season. Influenced by COVID-19, graduation ceremony could not be held normally. A few days ago, BBT University in Japan replaced a student with a robot to hold a virtual graduation ceremony.

This is the situation adopted under special circumstances in order to put a complete end to students’ studies. Students open the video and “graft” their avatars on a robot body. The robot in bachelor’s clothes took the graduation certificate from the president, but the warm scene still revealed a trace of strangeness.

Japan is a country that believes in Buddhism, and more than 80% of the people are Buddhists. A 400 year old temple in Japan, Gaotai temple also cooperated with Osaka University to develop an “Ai real Buddha” mindar.

Mindar began to serve as a Zen master in Gaotai temple in 2019. He is about the same size as an adult male. His shape is that he can sit or stand with his hands folded. When carrying forward the Buddha Dharma, he will chant gently and soothingly in a melodious tone.

Japan’s basketball level can only be said to be average, but this does not prevent them from continuing to play their imagination in basketball. The basketball robot cue is a special shooting robot developed in Japan. Although the hit rate is very high, it can only complete the action of shooting, and has no other role on the court.

Conclusion: wonderful robots also have great uses

Whether it is a female companion robot or a student robot receiving a diploma, it reflects the uniqueness of the Japanese in the observation and details of life.

Japan’s robot technology is in a leading position in the world, and their brain holes are also large. In fact, a deep study of the reasons behind each invention has a profound meaning. Buddhist robots are born in the hope that young people can know more about their country’s beliefs and have more connection and resonance with young people.

In today’s era, everything is changing rapidly, and the development of science and technology is far beyond our imagination. Maybe robots can have children one day.

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