At the 24th mechanical elements technology exhibition of “made in Japan 2020” held from February 26 to 28, caddie showed its manufacturing oriented ordering platform “caddi”. The platform allows users to understand the factory production situation of the order receiver (Supplier) through VR technology.

Caddie is a Tokyo based technology company. Its caddi platform is the first manufacturing ordering platform in Japan. Caddi is a commercial platform that supports users to upload 3D CAD data of metalworking products, display relevant quotation and delivery date, and allow users to complete the order after several clicks.

Japan caddie company uses VR technology to show the scene of manufacturing factory

At present, caddie company has signed partner contracts with a number of processing companies in Japan. By analyzing and determining the advantages of each partner, caddi can automatically calculate the cost and quotation, and then consider the quality, price, delivery time and other factors, and finally automatically select the most suitable processing company, so as to realize the stable supply of high-quality and low price products.

The VR system in this exhibition enables users to confirm the actual work in the factory of partner enterprises contracted by caddie company. Panoramic cameras are used in the factory scene, and users can watch the shooting content with VR head display on the market.

“Many customers want to know in what kind of factory the products ordered by their company are processed. In the future, we will take caddi as a commercial platform for large-scale operation. I think it is necessary to deal with this requirement,” said the caddie staff at the exhibition site. “However, the VR system announced this time does not belong to caddi’s standard service, If any enterprise is interested in this part of the system, we can discuss it separately (it is expected to provide customized services) “.

By combining VR technology with traditional manufacturing industry, caddie company has shown us some trends of future manufacturing industry development. It is believed that with the further development of related technology application, a more efficient, transparent and data-driven manufacturing industry will bring a better future for mankind.

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