An amusement park in Tokyo, Japan has launched a “recreation work” activity, which changes the ferris wheel car and the waterfront area of the water park into an office area. It can not only earn extra money when tourists are reduced due to the new crown epidemic, but also provide office workers with a different remote office environment.

Japan amusement park launched Ferris wheel bridge box "amusement work" mode, providing portable router

Japan’s Sky News 24 website reported on the 12th that Yomiuri park has put tables and chairs on the Bank of the swimming pool of the water park, providing power supply and wireless LAN to facilitate telecommuting. The park has also transformed the ferris wheel car into an office and provided portable wireless routers. Those in need can work in the car for one hour.

Those who want to work in these places can book tickets on the official website of Yomiuri park. The ticket price is 1900 yen (about 121 yuan) on weekdays and 2000 yen (127.4 yuan) on other days. Yomiuri Park began to receive telecommuters on the 15th, allowing them free parking and free use of toilets outside the park.

According to the regulations of the park, up to two people can “share” the shore office area and ferris wheel car of the water park, and the ticket price is 1800 yen (114.6 yuan) per person.

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