Jabra unveils new Elite 4 Active earbuds

Jabra, the leader in personal audio and office solutions, recently unveiled its new Jabra Elite 4 Active earbuds at CES, taking true wireless to the next level, offering a Bluetooth update to Multipoint for the Jabra Elite 7 Pro and offering hearing enhancement First hands-on demo of the Enhance Plus earbuds. CES will also mark the shipping date for the Jabra PanaCast 20, Jabra’s highly anticipated personal camera that reimagines hybrid work for modern collaborations.

At CES, Jabra’s true wireless lineup will be in focus. The Jabra Elite 4 Active brings the Elite Active range to a wider audience, designed for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, including popular workouts like yoga, boxing or running. Bluetooth Multipoint is a new feature designed to take the Elite 7 Pro to the next level, allowing users to fully connect to two devices at the same time, making it easy to switch seamlessly between work and play. Jabra Enhance Plus brings hearing enhancement, music and calls in advanced miniature true wireless earbuds.

To ensure the wearer can focus as much as possible, the Elite 4 Active uses Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology to block out gym noise. The earbuds are suitable for heavy use with IP57 rated water and sweat durability. Their athleisure designs also guarantee a unique, secure fit, designed to be worn while working out.

SKYLAB has become the global core agent and distributor of Fengyi Technology’s drone products

Recently, Shenzhen Tiangong Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. (SKYLAB) and Fengyi Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. have joined hands and signed a strategic cooperation agreement! Shenzhen Tiangong Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. (SKYLAB) has recently been awarded a letter of authorization and has become the core agent and distributor of SF’s drone products.

In recent years, drones have become widely used. As a new form of business, the productivity improvement and lifestyle changes brought by drones are obvious to all. UAVs have many advantages such as fast delivery, relatively low cost, no risk of casualties, strong survivability, good maneuverability, and ease of use, making them suitable for use in logistics express delivery, medical cold chain, aerial photography, weather detection, and police use. The application prospects in the fields of security, agriculture and forestry operations, forest fire prevention and emergency rescue are extremely broad.

With the help of SKYKLAB’s global sales business platform and SF’s reliable UAV technology platform, SKYLAB will cooperate with Fengyi Technology to provide low-altitude UAV applications for security, emergency, inspection, firefighting, mapping, special logistics and other low-altitude UAV applications worldwide. The market provides high-load, high-efficiency, long-duration UAV solutions.

Huawei Helps China Mobile Anhui Build a “Wanmei” 5G Network with Excellent Quality and Efficiency

The 2022 Mobile World Congress with the theme of “Connectivity Unleashed” was recently held in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Intelligence is one of the key themes of this conference. China Mobile Anhui Branch joined hands with Huawei MAE to demonstrate MBB intelligent operation and maintenance cases on the ADN display in Huawei’s intelligent operation and maintenance exhibition area. Invalid alarms related to faults are reduced by 90%, and invalid work orders are greatly reduced, which greatly improves network quality while optimizing operation and maintenance costs. The site attracted operator customers and industry analysts from around the world to visit.

In order to solve the operation and maintenance challenges of wireless networks, China Mobile Anhui Branch and Huawei MAE explored the field of wireless fault management. By introducing intelligent algorithms, multi-dimensional correlation analysis, and synthesizing expert experience and user online feedback, the innovative MBB intelligent operation was launched. dimensional solution, which realizes accurate alarm noise reduction, intelligent fault correlation, efficient root cause location, and hidden danger prediction and prevention, and optimizes the traditional alarm-based dispatching to Incident-based dispatching. It will be launched in Anhui in mid-2021. The commercial deployment of mobile networks has achieved remarkable results.

Liu Jingjing, a wireless maintenance expert at the Network Optimization Center of China Mobile Anhui Branch, said: “At present, Anhui Mobile and Huawei’s innovative alarm intelligent optimization solution based on MBB intelligent operation and maintenance compresses and aggregates original alarms into fault events, which can quickly find network problems and realize wireless One-fault-one-ticket autonomous driving network capability at the L3 level in the domain.”

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