STM32 MCU, motion temperature sensor, stsafe-a security module and other products help the cloud connected data pump of embedded cellular equipment with high security and energy efficiency

China, September 16, 2021 – STMicroelectronics (st; NYSE: STM), the global semiconductor leader serving multiple electronic applications, is committed to tapping the great potential of the cellular Internet of things, Blue wireless, a telecom equipment supplier that allows people and enterprises to monitor their physical assets in real time, announced their cooperation results. Five Italian French semiconductor products were used in blue wireless’s notecard system level module (SOM) solution. Notecard can accelerate the development of cellular Internet of things solutions for connecting assets at a very low development cost.

Blue wireless notecard is based on high-performance, ultra-low-power stm32l4r5 microcontroller (MCU), advanced key management and device security chip stsafe-a, and lis2dtw12 module integrating temperature sensor, motion sensor and power optimized position sensing sensor. Focusing on Italian French semiconductor products, notecard integrates prepaid embedded cellular data services, secure communication functions, and an innovative development model that can significantly shorten the time from concept to deployment of various cloud connected IOT applications.

Mobeen Khan, chief operating officer of blue wireless, said: “If enterprises want to accelerate the digital transformation of production process, physical asset networking is a huge investment field. Notecard of blue wireless is designed for developers of these solutions. With ST’s wide range of products, we have developed this ultimate accelerator for Internet of things solutions, reducing the complexity and cost of Internet of things solutions to one tenth of the original 。”

Loris Valenti, vice president of microcontroller and digital products of Italian French semiconductor in the Americas, said: “So far, there are two major obstacles to using cellular to connect IOT devices. The first obstacle is to build and securely connect communication pipelines between applications and cellular networks. The second obstacle is the technical complexity and different access costs of various network providers. From ST’s broad portfolio of control, security, sensing and protection products, blue wireless has developed a unique technology Special solutions to deliver this extraordinary value to their customers. “

Notecard can be purchased directly from blue wireless and can be used in LTE cat-1, LTE cat-m, Nb IOT and GSM operator networks worldwide.

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