September 9, 2021, China — STMicroelectronics’ stdriveg600 half bridge gate driver has a large output current and the same propagation delay of high and low side output signals, both of which are 45ns, and can drive Gan enhanced FET high-frequency switches.

The driving power supply voltage of stdriveg600 is up to 20V. It is also suitable for driving n-channel silicon-based MOSFET. When driving Gan devices, 6V gate source voltage (VGS) can be flexibly applied to ensure that the on resistance RDS (on) is kept at a low level. In addition, the driver also integrates a bootstrap circuit, which can greatly reduce the bill of materials cost and simplify the circuit board layout. The bootstrap circuit uses synchronous rectifier MOSFET switch to make the bootstrap voltage reach the VCC logic power supply voltage value, so that the driver uses only one power supply without low voltage drop regulator (LDO).

The DV / dt of stdriveg600 is ± 200V / NS, which ensures high reliability of grid control in harsh electrical environment. The logic input is compatible with CMOS / TTL signals as low as 3.3V, which is convenient to connect the main microcontroller or DSP processor. The withstand voltage of high side circuit is up to 600V, which can be used in the application field of high voltage bus up to 500V.

The output perfusion current / pull current of the driver is 5.5a/6a, and independent on and off pins are provided, so that designers can choose the appropriate grid control mode. In addition, both high and low side circuits support the Kelvin connection method connected to the power switch source to enhance the control performance. The dedicated ground and supply voltage pins of the low side driver can realize Kelvin connection, ensure stable switching operation, and allow the use of shunt resistors to detect current without additional isolation or input filter circuits.

The driver has built-in complete safety protection function, in which the high and low side drive undervoltage locking (UVLO) can prevent the power switch from operating under low efficiency or dangerous working conditions; Interlock protection can avoid cross conduction of switch tubes. Other protection functions include overheat protection, power-saving shutdown function and special pins.

The driver has two supporting development boards to help designers quickly start new projects. Evstdriveg600dg board carries a 150m Ω 650V GaN HEMT transistor, which is packaged in 5mm x 6mm powerflat with Kelvin drive source pin; Evstdriveg600dm development board is equipped with an mdmesh 115m Ω 600V silicon-based MOSFET Power Switch with stl33n60dm2 built-in fast recovery diode. The transistor is packaged in 8mm x 8mm powerflat package or DPAK package with Kelvin drive source pin.

The stdriveg600 driver chip has been mass produced in 16 pin so16 package.

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