The input voltage range of stpd01 is 6V to 26.4V. Wide voltage input allows customers to flexibly develop AC multi port power adapter, USB hub, PC display and smart TV. The output voltage value can be set through I2C interface, the voltage regulation range is 3V to 20V, and the minimum voltage regulation amplitude is 20mV, which meets the provisions of PD technical specifications. The device integrates circuit voltage drop compensation circuit and internal voltage feedback resistance voltage divider to ensure that the load receives the correct voltage and avoid the power loss of copper trace and output power line affecting the voltage.

Stpd01 has overvoltage, overcurrent and overheating protection functions. Other built-in functions include embedded discharge circuit, soft start, undervoltage locking and Programmable Watchdog timer to ensure the stable and safe operation of the system.

STMicroelectronics also launched steval-2stpd01 USB type-c ™ Power delivery dual port adapter development kit to speed up the development of stpd01 based solutions. As the supporting expansion board of nucleus-g071rb STM32 nucleus-64 development board, steval-2stpd01 board contains two type-C ports and two stpd01 programmable step-down converters. It also carries two tcpp02-m18 protection chips to protect the electrical safety of USB type-C and PD source. The related software package stsw-2stpd01 contains a sample software running on the stm32g07 microcontroller. Steval-2stpd01 suite is now on the shelves of ST’s store, an online store of France semiconductor.

Stpd01 is now in mass production. Customers can place an order at St’s estore, an online store of France semiconductor. Stpd01 is packaged in 3mm x 4mm qfn24l. Order 500 pieces at a unit price of US $1.58.

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