Idex iTech it7900 feedback power grid simulator won the silver medal of “test & Measurement” annual test and measurement product in leap awards 2021, a well-known industry media award in the United States. The award is a well-known electromechanical engineering industry award in the United States. Since it was held, the event has always been a highlight in the industry. Leaders from electromechanical and power electronic engineering gathered together to celebrate their achievements and commend the market leaders of the industry. There are many world-famous enterprises in the industry in this award list. In the competition of “test & Measurement”, iTech, other two instrument brands keysight and Rohde & Schwarz won special awards in testing and measurement products, among which iTech’s it7900 won the silver award.

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ITech is an equipment manufacturer specializing in precision testing and measuring instruments. It has always been guided by “customer demand”, with the mission of creating a green, energy-saving and sustainable future for the next generation. It is committed to the research of relevant industrial testing solutions with “power electronics” products as the core, and provides various competitive testing solutions for industrial customers.

ITech it7900 series feedback power grid simulator represents a new generation of programmable, full four quadrant power grid simulation source. At the same time, it can also be used as four quadrant power amplifier, which is suitable for the test of various grid connected products. For example, PCs, energy storage system, microgrid, Bobc (v2x) and power related hardware loop simulation (Phil), etc. Provide professional islanding test mode. Users can set R, l, C and active and reactive power parameters, simulate nonlinear load of power grid, and realize anti islanding effect protection certification test. It7900 adopts the third generation semiconductor SiC device. It is a product with the highest power density on the market. Its volume is only 1 / 3 of that of the traditional power grid simulator, and the maximum output power can reach 960kva.

It7900 series has the function of energy recovery, provides 100% current absorption capacity, and feeds back to the power grid through equipment to realize the recycling of energy, save the cost of power consumption and heat dissipation, effectively respond to the national environmental protection requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction, and contribute to the sustainable development of the next generation. It7900 series power grid simulator is also a powerful device that comprehensively improves the user experience. It can realize the originally expensive and complex tests in one device. It7900 adopts touch screen design. Users can slide the screen switching interface like operating a mobile phone, which makes the setting simple and fast. It7900 products are committed to improving the analysis ability of waveform and data for engineers, bringing engineers a multi-in-one experience, simple operation and more powerful waveform data analysis function.

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The 2021 leap (leadership in engineering achievement program) award is an authoritative award specially established to reward the most innovative and forward-looking products serving the field of design engineering. ITech is honored to win the silver medal of “test & Measurement” annual test and measurement products for the first time. This is not only the recognition of iTech’s cutting-edge technology and outstanding products, but also the positive affirmation of iTech people’s courage to innovate and being at the forefront of power electronic test technology. ITech will make unremitting efforts to launch more high-quality, efficient and high-precision test products and solutions to contribute to the future of energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development.

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