Now Huawei’s strength in mobile phone photography has become stronger and stronger, but next they will come up with stronger, and the next new technology will undoubtedly change and lead the development of the industry.

According to relevant bloggers, liquid lens will be mass produced and commercialized next year, mainly used in the long focus end, and Huawei will come up with corresponding products.

It is said that Huawei's P50 first liquid lens leads the industry again

Huawei has been exploring liquid lens for a long time. Huawei applied for relevant invention patent on December 25, 2019 and announced it in April this year. It is reported that Huawei’s P50 series may be launched if liquid lens is mass produced and commercialized next year. The advantages of liquid lens are outstanding, focusing speed is fast, millisecond focusing can be realized like human eyes, and the film rate is almost 100%.

Liquid lens may be unfamiliar to everyone. In fact, the ideal curve of the mirror is a parabola. The focal length of parabola with different curvature is different. The traditional zoom lens realizes zoom by adjusting the distance between two lenses with fixed focal length. There are several kinds of liquid lens. The dielectric liquid lens is used in mobile phones. It uses liquid to focus light, and changes the shape of liquid through different voltages to control imaging.

Huawei’s technical solution can be used to drive the motor of liquid lens to meet the performance requirements of auto focusing and optical anti shake, and improve the reliability of the motor under abnormal working conditions such as impact and drop.

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