According to the latest report of foreign media, Apple has asked its partners to start testing the corresponding parts, which will eventually be integrated by Foxconn to make a folding screen iPhone tester.

According to the report, Apple has been testing the key components of the folding machine, such as the screen and bearing. Samsung will still provide the panel for the screen, and there are several suppliers for the bearing. Taiwan’s main supplier is xinrixing.

It is said that Apple accelerates the research and development of folding screen iPhone with mini LED screen

According to industry sources, the shaft used in the first folding iPhone will be developed by Taiwan manufacturers such as xinrixing. It is reported that xinrixing has the capacity of mass production of special shaft for folding machine, and has sent samples to many brand customers.

Before that, it was reported that apple is building a perfect iPhone, which has removed the bangs, and the screen is large enough. It is a folding screen version of the iPhone. It is expected to be released in 2022, and the price is $1499, starting from more than 10000 yuan.

According to previous information, the company may have purchased foldable screens from Samsung, probably to test the quality first. It’s not yet confirmed which display technology Apple plans to use on the foldable iPhone, but if everything goes according to plan, it could take about three to four years to switch to microoled.

This may mean that the foldable iPhone may use the mini LED screen, as apple intends to turn to the technology first, but there is no confirmation yet.

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