AMD’s 7Nm Navi family graphics cards already have RX 5700 and Rx 5700 XT, which are mainly aimed at the market of 2000-4000 yuan. The next wave will be the mainstream graphics card of Navi 14 core, which may be named RX 5600 series or RX 5500 series, and finally replace RX 580 / 590.

Recently, these graphics cards also have more details. Navi 14 series will have three products, of which the hardware ID 7341:00 will be equipped with 8GB video memory, the ID number 7340: C1 will be equipped with 4GB video memory, and a Navi 14 graphics card 7340: CF will be equipped with 3gb gddr6 video memory. It is rumored that this product is a special version for the Chinese market, In the past, amd has indeed launched many graphics cards specifically for Chinese players, which will be more cost-effective.

Moreover, the performance of the three Navi 14 core graphics cards has also been revealed. Among them, the performance of the graphics card with 8GB video memory and hardware ID 7341:00 is the highest. According to different tests, its performance is about 10% to 50% higher than that of the RX 570. The performance of the two graphics cards with hardware ID 7340: C1 and 7340: CF is similar. It can be seen that the performance of the 7340: CF graphics card equipped with 3gb video memory has not been greatly affected.

Among the two graphics cards, the performance of the 7340: CF Navi 14 graphics card is similar to that of the RX 570. Considering that the latter is one of the most popular models in the RX 500 series, the positioning of this Chinese special Navi 14 graphics card should also be similar to that of the RX 570, with a price of about 1000 yuan.

It is revealed that the positioning of China's special navi14 graphics card is similar to that of rx570

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