It is rumored that NVIDIA will launch a batch of graphics cards before the end of the year, including RTX 2080, Ti super, etc. However, RTX 2080 Ti super seems to be temporarily left in the geforce now service group. NV actually plans to distribute goods with sweet spot cards first.

A domestic supplier disclosed that GTX 1650 ti is expected to be listed at the end of September and early October.

In terms of specifications, GTX 1650 ti is still built based on Turing core, with 1152 or 1280 CUDA built in (only 896 in 1650), continuing gddr5 video memory.

It is revealed that gtx1650ti will launch continuous gddr5 video memory as soon as the end of September

Previously, the initial price of the gtx1650 was $140, the GTX 1660 was $220, and the GTX 1650 Ti was rich in space.

In addition, considering that AMD’s RX 5600 and other low-end graphics cards are also ready to go, NVIDIA’s move is not only to deal with the competition, but also to consolidate its leading position in relevant markets.

Source: fast technology

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