This year, 5g’s development speed is very fast, and the process of 5g’s commercial use has greatly exceeded people’s expectations. Take the mobile phone that is most closely connected with people’s daily life as an example. When 5g was just launched, the price of 5g mobile phone was more than 7000 yuan. Now you can buy a mobile phone supporting 5g network for less than 2000 yuan. With the popularity of 5g, more and more users will be able to use the smart phones supporting 5g network.

At the IFA exhibition, Qualcomm announced that it would expand 5g solution to the snapdragon 4 series mobile platform in early 2021. The new snapdragon 4 series mobile platform will face the global market, and scale-up will accelerate the rapid popularization of 5g. As Mr. anmon, President of Qualcomm, said, “the snapdragon 4-series 5g mobile platform will bring a variety of major medium and high-end features to a wider range of consumers, surpassing the expectations of mass market for products of this level, so as to realize our vision of making 5g technology available to all smartphone users.”

At present, there are more than 40 5g network operators in China and regions, and there are more than 80 operators in 5g. By 2022, the company expects to ship more than 750 million 5g mobile phones worldwide. By 2023, the number of 5g connections worldwide is expected to exceed 1 billion, which is faster than the development of 4G networks. By 2030, global 5g connectivity is expected to be close to 3 billion.

Previously, the snapdragon series included three 5g mobile platforms, namely the flagship snapdragon 8 series, the high-end snapdragon 7 series, and the midrange snapdragon 6 series. With its strong performance, the snapdragon 8 series mobile platform has become the choice of most flagship mobile phones this year. More than 165 terminals using snapdragon 865 / snapdragon 865 + have been released or are under design.

However, 5g is not only for medium and high-end flagship devices, but also for all products. The launch of snapdragon 4 series will enrich the product layout of snapdragon mobile platform. With the announcement of snapdragon 4 series 5g mobile platform, 5g is expected to benefit nearly 3.5 billion smart phone users in different regions.

According to Simon, President of Qualcomm, snapdragon 4 series mobile platforms will provide high-end and mid-range performance to consumers in the global mass market, and the capabilities of snapdragon 4 series mobile platforms will exceed expectations.

As for the mobile platform of Xiaolong series 4, the major mobile phone brands also hold a positive attitude. Chen Mingyong, founder and CEO of oppo, said that oppo and Qualcomm have always maintained close cooperation in 5g technology, and are very glad to see that Qualcomm has expanded 5g technology to snapdragon 4 series mobile platform.

Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi group, said that Xiaomi has already launched products using Xiaolong 8 series and 7 series, and will also launch products carrying the 5g platform of Xiaolong 4 series in the future.

Both oppo and Xiaomi are among the first manufacturers in the world to launch smart phones using the snapdragon 4-series 5g mobile platform. According to Qualcomm, the commercial terminals equipped with the platform are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2021. We can look forward to the price of 5g mobile phones next year.
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