In 2020, the 5g industry developed rapidly. China has built the world’s largest 5g network. Up to now, 800000 5g base stations have been built nationwide, with more than 200million 5g users.

At the same time, in 2020, 5gtob was launched for commercial use. More than 20 industries around the world have deployed 5g demonstration applications, such as coal mines, industrial manufacturing, ports, etc. global operators have signed more than 1000 5g industry application contracts.

On February 8, at the mwcs2021 media analyst pre communication meeting, Ding Yun, managing director of Huawei and President of BG, the operator, said that looking forward to 2021, it will be the first year of 5gtob scale commercial use, and the whole industry should work together to truly realize the replication of 5g industry application scale and realize commercial closed loop. From lighting up a coal mine to lighting up a thousand coal mines; From lighting up one factory to lighting up a thousand factories.

Globally, 5g deployment has entered the fast lane. In 2020, more than 140 5g networks have been commercially deployed worldwide, and 550 commercial terminals have been released. Gan bin, vice president of Huawei wireless network product line, pointed out that “as a leading market in China, 5g maintains rapid development based on the world’s best network. It is estimated that 5g users will exceed 500million in 2021.”

This year, 5g will continue its large-scale expansion from C-end to b-end. On the one hand, the domestic 5g infrastructure is advancing on a large scale. In 2021, the Ministry of industry and information technology plans to build 600000 5g base stations, and accelerate the extension to counties and towns where conditions permit on the basis of realizing the deep coverage of cities above the prefecture level; On the other hand, the 5GB end applications expected by the public will go to the whole industry from a small-scale model case.

Over the past year, Huawei has gone deep into many vertical industries and helped enterprises digitalize through 5g. It is understood that Huawei 5g remote control solution can help reduce the number of underground coal mine workers from 140 to 60, and many workers do not have to go down to the well to carry out underground operations hundreds of meters deep; Huawei applied 5g cloud PLC (programmable logic controller) innovative solution in Midea 5g smart factory, realized on-site wiring free through 5g, and centralized cloud deployment of PLC controller, reducing the comprehensive cost.

Behind these applications, 5g network with good coverage and experience is the foundation. Ding Yun said that Huawei’s 5g super blade station, through the innovative design of “all system integration, all band integration, and active / passive integration”, solves the problems faced by operators in 5g deployment, such as limited space and occupied optimal space, shortens the deployment cycle, saves investment, and improves 5g coverage.

Compared with competitors, Gan Bin said, “we are 40% ahead (in terms of network performance). This is due to the long-term accumulation of hardware and algorithms. In fact, the whole system has a very long-term accumulation in terms of materials and basic capabilities. Because wireless is a system, for example, the core element of MIMO is antenna miniaturization. According to current judgment, we have no problem keeping ahead for a long time.”

According to the 5g network experience test results of global big cities conducted by several third-party organizations around the world, the 5g network experience of operators contracted by Huawei ranked first in Seoul, Amsterdam, Madrid, Zurich, Hong Kong, Riyadh and other cities.

In addition, in the face of external control and other uncertainties, Ding Yun said: “Huawei is a company with limited capabilities, so we focus on doing our own business. Our basic principle is that as long as customers choose us, I will do the best in the customer’s region; if operators choose us, we will make them the best operators in the country; if only one city chooses us, we must make this city better than other cities. In the past year, we have practiced This policy has been implemented. “
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