The notebook memory of the notebook computer is not all universal. If the notebook computer is upgraded by adding another operation memory, then the notebook memory is usually not universal in this case. It mainly involves memory frequency, memory size and dual channel. If it is to add another memory to the notebook, it is best to ensure that the purchased memory modules must be the same in memory brand, memory frequency, memory type (DDR2 or DDR3) and memory capacity, so as to achieve the best compatibility between the two memories.

Sometimes different brands of memory with the same specifications can be compatible, but there are also accidents. Therefore, if you are building dual memory, it is best to ensure that each memory parameter is the same.

If the motherboard supports DDR3 with a maximum of 8G memory, you can replace various brands of DDR3 with 8g memory. In this case, it can be said that the memory is universal.

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