Baidu officially announced its withdrawal from partnership on AI, or Pai. As the only Chinese member to join the artificial intelligence partner (PAI), Baidu’s withdrawal caused an uproar and attracted attention. Baidu’s official reason is that the membership fee is too high and the recent financial pressure is too great. It is discussing the renewal qualification!

Heavy exit! Coping with pressure development!

Baidu, as “China Google”, started the exploration of artificial intelligence as early as 2013 and gradually became a master in the field of AI in China. With years of practice and technical accumulation of AI technology, Baidu has been recognized by the global AI alliance and explored industry norms in the field of AI with the world’s AI giants. After two years, baidu disappeared from the PAI member list. This Pai organization led by the United States has no Chinese members anymore!

China is gradually rising in the field of artificial intelligence. When Baidu joined Pai to contribute to China’s strength, Pai executive director Terah Lyons once said the importance of China’s accession: “China’s work in artificial intelligence has grown and covers a wide range, and any dialogue on the future of artificial intelligence that does not involve China is incomplete.” since then, as the first Chinese member of Pai, Baidu’s role is great. In 2019, the organization’s revenue is expected to be less than 10 million, while Baidu’s reported revenue in 2019 is more than 10 billion US dollars. However, when Baidu joined Pai, Sino US relations had entered a trough period. The cold war launched by the United States in the field of emerging technologies still had a certain impact on Baidu.

Is the game in AI field white hot?

Is the game in AI field white hot? Sino US relations are becoming more and more tense!

In fact, since 2019, adhering to the principle of “continuing to maintain the leading position of the United States in artificial intelligence”, the United States has begun to start in the field of artificial intelligence: launch the AI national initiative, propose FDA supervision plan for artificial intelligence medical device software, publish various strategic reports and schemes, and use various means to manipulate the development of artificial intelligence.

Industries in emerging fields are crucial to the future development of a country. In the game between China and the United States in this field, while maintaining its research and development of emerging technologies, the United States has increased its hegemonic means to suppress all possibilities that threaten the leadership of the United States. Some time ago, the United States announced its accession to gpai, trying to lead the formation of various unreasonable rules to suppress the rise of China’s artificial intelligence development, repeat the blockade of the Prague proposal, and openly suppress China’s strategic technological development. The United States even stigmatized China, claiming that its purpose of joining the gpai is to “promote the establishment of a common set of democratic principles to counter China’s use of ‘distorted technology’ to threaten civil liberties”. The reason why baidu responded to withdraw from Pai this time is the membership fee, but it is not difficult for us to imagine that the event is also affected by more potential factors.

The tough attitude of the United States towards China’s scientific and technological development is indeed very destructive, but our country’s scientific and technological development can not be underestimated. Even under the pressure of sanctions, we can go out of the development path. We believe that the future can be expected!

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