Sony wireless Bluetooth headset wf-sp900 has several kinds of “black technology”. It supports ip6x dust-proof design, which can accompany us in mountaineering, beach volleyball and other outdoor activities. With ipx5 / 8 waterproof grade, we can dive into the water to swim (about 2 meters deep). Its strong waterproof and dust-proof ability is worthy of its reputation of “boundless land and sea”. There is also a 4GB storage space inside, which can store about 920 MP3 songs. In this way, we can abandon mobile phones and other devices for independent use during sports, which makes sports easier and more suitable for sports scenes.

Is Sony wireless Bluetooth headset wf-sp900 worth buying

Sony wireless Bluetooth headset wf-sp900 adopts capsule oval appearance design, the overall style is simple and compact, full of fashion and sports atmosphere. The optimized arc-shaped bracket and the adjustable depth of the hybrid silicone earplug can make the earphone and the ear fit more closely, and you don’t have to worry about the earphone falling when you are in full swing.

Sony wireless Bluetooth headset wf-sp900 is equipped with a variety of earplugs and curved brackets. There are two kinds of earplugs: mixed silica gel earplug (s / M / L / ll) x2 and swimming earplug (s / M / L / ll) x2. The swimming earplug can be used in underwater sports, because the hole of the earplug is covered with a film, which can effectively prevent the liquid from penetrating into the earplug, resulting in low sound, We can also enjoy music underwater.

In terms of wearing comfort, Sony genuine wireless Bluetooth headset wf-sp900 focuses on the firm wearing in sports occasions, and introduces arc-shaped bracket, so the comfort is very guaranteed, and even if you exercise very vigorously, with the support of arc-shaped bracket, you don’t have to worry about the problem of ear falling. Sony has even made the last line of defense against falling off: the neck hanging rope, which can connect two earphones with one rope, greatly improving the safety factor.

Sony wireless Bluetooth headset wf-sp900 is not only suitable for ordinary outdoor or indoor fitness, but also can accompany us when swimming. Sony genuine wireless Bluetooth headset wf-sp900 also has two kinds of ambient sound modes, so that we can hear the voice of our little friends without taking off the headset when we are exercising, and feel the change of surrounding sound more safely. General mode of environmental sound: immerse in dynamic music while exercising, and feel the sound of the surrounding environment at the same time, so it is safer to exercise. Environment voice and human voice mode: don’t miss important voice information during exercise, and communicate with fitness partners more effectively. With the addition of the environmental sound mode, both the immersion degree and the safety are better guaranteed.

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