In the power system, high-voltage power equipment provides a great guarantee for the operation and stability of power, and has a top priority impact in power supply enterprises. However, it is worth noting that high-voltage electrical equipment not only has various advantages, but also has many dangers. For example, partial discharge of high voltage electrical equipment.

The traditional detection frequency is insufficient, and the problems are difficult to find

For many years, power companies have been performing partial discharge (PD) measurements on high-voltage electrical equipment. Partial discharge is a measure of insulation deterioration, which will lead to equipment failure and even more serious catastrophic events. Using traditional ultrasonic solutions, the detection system is usually large and bulky, and professional acoustic engineers are usually required to analyze the detection report. Therefore, the detection frequency of power companies may be insufficient, making equipment such as motors, generators, switchgear and transformers prone to partial discharge and other related problems.

The red area is a fault

Industry recognized effective method, convenient and fast

The ability of acoustic imaging or ultrasonic detection has become an effective method for utility organizations to determine the presence of partial discharge (PD). It enables professionals to perform more routine preventive maintenance and helps to provide critical initial early warning, especially for impending electrical failures that will shut down critical systems. Flirsi124 industrial acoustic imager launched by FLIR systems, Inc., a global leader in the design, production and marketing of infrared thermal imagers, can sense, display and record sound waves and generate accurate sound images. The flirsi124, which is easy to use, ergonomically designed, can be operated with one hand and weighs slightly more than 2 pounds (980 grams), is used to superimpose the sound image on the image of the imager in real time.

Si124 helps to scan large areas from a safe distance

Flirsi124 can safely detect and store shared results

With flirsi124, professionals can detect problems in electrical equipment and analyze discharge modes within a safe distance of up to 100 meters. This industrial acoustic imager can identify three types of partial discharge, including surface discharge, floating discharge and discharge in air. Understanding the type and severity of discharge enables the user to prioritize maintenance.

The captured images are quickly uploaded to the fliracousticcameraviewer cloud service through Wi Fi, which is convenient for users to further analyze the system generating PD mode. At the same time, users can also create reports and easily share them with colleagues.

The test results can be uploaded to the cloud for further analysis

The development of science and technology makes the equipment detection of power companies more safe and convenient.

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