In recent years, the concept of artificial intelligence is very popular at home and abroad. If you don’t know a little about the knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence, you will feel the lack of some talks when talking with others. In fact, artificial intelligence has been put forward since the last century, but due to the limited computing power of computer and the limited cognition of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence did not catch on quickly.

By 2010, the computing power of the computer has made a qualitative leap. At the same time, more and more scholars put forward relevant research, artificial intelligence is once again popular. After ten years of development, artificial intelligence has been applied in many real scenes, such as intelligent recommendation on mobile phones, route planning and so on. Some hotels also began to use artificial intelligence robots to act as ushers. But a strange video appeared on the Internet some time ago, which once again aroused people’s thinking about artificial intelligence.

In the video, an artificial intelligence robot used to entertain guests in the lobby of the hotel. For a moment, it made an incredible action. After receiving the last guest and preparing to return to his station, the robot sees a mirror next to it, stays in front of the mirror for a few seconds, and then returns to his station. After many netizens saw the behavior of the entertaining robot, the calling robot already has the sense of autonomy, so is it really like this?

The incident later fermented on the Internet, and the hotel checked the robot in the lobby after learning about it. The results show that its system program has not been modified, and its hardware system is in good condition. As for why it stayed in front of the mirror for a few seconds, the lobby manager explained that it might have a short-term failure when it returned to the work station, and then stayed in front of the mirror for a while, leading netizens to think that it was looking in the mirror.

After the announcement of the explanation, some netizens chose to believe it, while some netizens chose not to believe it. Some netizens also expressed their worries about the autonomous consciousness of artificial intelligence. Looking in the mirror is considered to be the unique behavior of animals, and only humans can recognize the situation in the mirror, because humans have autonomous consciousness and can control the ideas generated in the brain. Therefore, it is understandable that the robot looking in the mirror is related to autonomous consciousness.

This incident reflects people’s worry about the current development of artificial intelligence. We all want to know whether AI at this stage has independent consciousness? We can rest assured that at this stage, human beings have no ability to develop artificial intelligence robots with autonomous consciousness, because the generation of autonomous consciousness is very complex and difficult. The reason why people have consciousness is that the complex brain plays a complex role. However, it is very difficult to imitate the structure of human brain.

Even all kinds of neural networks in deep learning can’t reach the complexity of human brain neural network, so it’s far away that AI robot has autonomous consciousness. But remoteness doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Maybe 50 or 100 years later, human beings will make a major breakthrough in the field of AI technology. Robots, like the robots in the western world, can confuse the real with the false. Then the world will become very complex and dangerous.

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