An investor asked Lexin medical (300562). Dear executives, is the cooperation between the company and Huawei on Nb IOT technology intelligent medical equipment true? It is reported that Huawei will enter intelligent wearable devices. Will the company actively look for cooperation opportunities?

Is it true that Lexin medical cooperates with Huawei in NB IOT technology intelligent medical devices?

The company replied, Dear Investor, thank you for your attention to the company. The company has been committed to the cause of family health management, continuously improving the company’s product R & D efficiency and innovation ability, and cooperating with large well-known enterprises at home and abroad through multiple channels to continuously broaden the company’s industrial layout and ensure the sustainable, stable and healthy development of the company’s business, Accelerate the implementation of the company’s strategic deployment. The company has established a good cooperative relationship with Huawei on some products, but has not yet cooperated in NB IOT intelligent medicine. The company is actively layout and strive to achieve more comprehensive and closer cooperation with high-quality customers in more fields. Thank you again for your attention to the company. I wish you a smooth investment. Thank you!

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