For the student party, especially the third party in senior high school, the latest big news is that the college entrance examination has been postponed. People who have experienced that period should understand that a small change before the exam may have a significant impact on their mentality and on-the-spot play, not to mention the world-wide problems such as novel coronavirus.

For some test questions with clear ideas and answers, students can find solutions and answers with the help of reference materials and the Internet, and can review them at home. But for some divergent topics, such as college entrance examination composition and English composition, teachers’ guidance and suggestions are very important.

Recently, Youdao dictionary launched a new function of “composition correction”, which uses AI technology to correct English compositions. For the student party, this function can greatly improve the review efficiency. Without bothering the teacher or looking for a payment platform, you can practice and improve your English composition at home.

AI corrects composition, which is more suitable for second language learning

AI has been used to correct composition before, but it is only used in Chinese composition. It can reduce the burden and improve the teaching efficiency in some areas where educational resources are scarce. However, such technology has also been questioned, because Chinese is a very complex language, and the rules followed by machines may not cover the diversity of languages. Judging from the results, some excellent compositions may be given mediocre scores, and the fairness is in doubt.

In fact, AI is more suitable for second language learning. For example, for most students in China, the main assessment of English composition is functionality, and there is no high requirement for its literariness. Various common examinations also have perfect scoring standards. This is ignored by many candidates, and AI is just qualified for this job.

Scoring, commenting and error correction

Youdao dictionary was first based on search data. It has accumulated a lot in translation ability. Neural network translation technology makes translation results more accurate. OCR ability can be applied to real-time translation, book scanning and other scenarios. For the demand of correcting English composition, it can just play a role in various examination standards for different students.

You can see the function of “composition correction” on the home page of Youdao dictionary. After entering, you can select the composition type in the upper left corner, including high school English, CET-4 and CET-6, postgraduate entrance examination, TOEFL IELTS, etc., covering the whole learning period of K12, universities, adults, etc. According to different assessment standards, AI will have corresponding scoring system. You can take photos and scan the composition on the paper, or input it by hand.

After entering the composition and clicking “correct”, AI will automatically detect spelling, grammar and collocation errors, and then quickly give the results, including scores, comments and modification suggestions. The total score includes the individual scores of vocabulary, grammar, structure and content, and the evaluation includes comments on the number of words, vocabulary richness, sentence smoothness and so on. The grading report will also point out the high-level vocabulary used in the composition, as well as suggestions on the use of some conjunctions.

In addition to examining the use of words and grammar, higher-level English tests such as CET-4 and CET-6, postgraduate entrance examination, IELTS and TOEFL also have higher requirements for the logic and context of the article. The AI composition correction function of Youdao dictionary will use neural network translation technology to understand the context of the whole article, and on this basis, make comments and provide modification suggestions.

Accurately identify grammar errors and give suggestions for modification

The AI composition correction function of Netease Youdao dictionary mainly has three core modules: scoring module, comment module and error correction module. The scoring model framework combines the traditional method and the deep learning method, and takes words, sentences and chapters as the core scoring dimensions; The comment module can provide full-text comments and vocabulary recommendations; The error correction module provides 14 categories of grammar error recognition and correction suggestions, including shallow spelling errors, deep grammar errors and so on.

Taking this “what is happiness” composition as an example, it mainly talks about the illness of relatives, which changes the author’s definition of happiness. Taking CET-4 as the standard, Youdao dictionary gave a score of 91.9, and the individual scores were all two stars. A total of 11 mistakes or improper use were found.

The first “what” leading object clause should be followed by the word order of the declarative sentence. The subject is “happiness” followed by “is”. Therefore, the correct writing is “when people ask me what happiness is for me”. There are many mistakes in the same sentence. Youdao dictionary can identify them all and give complete suggestions for modification.

That is followed by a clause, which lacks the subject it. Success here refers to success in a broad sense, not specifically, so the is wrong and there is no need to add.

In the next place, “the doctor said that irregular work and rest rhythm led to illness”, which does not only refer to a job, so the article the is unnecessary to add and can be removed. “Make my uncle sick” is a predicate, followed by my uncle as an object, followed by an attribute to describe the state of my uncle getting sick. The verb get should not be added. It will be repeated with make in the subject predicate object sentence.

“He needs to rest”. The tense of the sentence is the general past tense. The need to do should be followed by the original form of the verb. Slow down and take a good rest are juxtaposed.

“My uncle realized that he should spend some time with his family.” here only refers to his uncle’s family. Family does not need the plural form. “Spending time with my family” is a kind of happiness for my uncle. It is more appropriate to change it to a great happiness.

The whole article is about “two years ago” and “my thoughts” were changed by my uncle at that time. Youdao dictionary can judge the correct tense by combining the logic of the full text. Here, the past tense is used, and the correct tense is changed to changed.

Change about in the original text seems to have changed my overall view of happiness. It is not in line with the context. It belongs to the improper use of prepositions. Change of means “changed my original definition of happiness”, which is relative to the original view, not a subversive change.

The AI composition correction of Youdao dictionary is based on neural network machinetranslation, using transformer architecture and other core technologies, and using complex models to optimize performance for different scenarios.

Compared with asking teachers and students over and over again, it can be said to be very useful. AI can take the trouble to point out errors for you and verify the correction results. In this process, students can find their own shortcomings and carry out intensive training to improve their English composition level.

The most patient teacher may also be the learning partner who knows you best

The whole composition correction process is simple to operate, and the feedback is rapid. The comments and modification opinions are accurate and detailed enough, which is the advantage brought by AI technology. The previous traditional method was to let the teacher complete the work. Repeated correction is a great burden for the teacher. Moreover, the teacher is not a machine and can not guarantee that there will be no mistakes in the process. Especially in the process of revision and practice, you can’t ask the teacher to be with you all the time.

It is appropriate for AI to do these things. One of the advantages of AI technology is large-scale concurrency. In the face of different students’ and different types of compositions, AI can accurately correct compositions after learning various examination standards. The part of vocabulary has big data matching. As for grammar, sentence pattern and other errors, Youdao dictionary has accumulated countless data and fuzzy recognition experience in translation.

As more and more compositions are corrected, the accuracy of AI will be higher and higher, and each student’s weaknesses and deficiencies will be understood in the process of continuous revision, even more clearly than the teacher. You can see your progress every time in the correction record and review it at any time.

During the epidemic period, online classes became the norm for most students, and active learning was an essential skill for everyone to grow up. Some quantifiable repetitive work in future teaching may also be replaced by AI. AI is like a tireless teacher, who can quickly and accurately help each student improve themselves.

Both teachers and students can regard this ability as an auxiliary tool. Especially in this special period, if you just need an English exam, you might as well try the AI composition correction function of Youdao dictionary. At present, this function can be experienced on mobile phones and PC terminals such as Netease Youdao dictionary, u-dictitanium, Youdao excellent courses, etc.

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