There is not much difference between the actual use of memory ddr3 and ddr4, which is mainly reflected in memory parameters and processors.

The meaning of DDR4 is to increase the entry-level memory to 4GB, and the larger capacity can make the system (win10) run faster and more stably.

In the case of the same frequency, ddr3 is faster than ddr4. The structure of ddr4 itself makes the speed slower than ddr3, but its advantage is that it has a higher frequency.

In the future, there will be more room for frequency upgrades. As the frequency increases, the performance advantages of ddr4 will be reflected.

However, some users said that if it is not particularly necessary, ddr3 is also possible. If you want to change it, you must support the motherboard. Generally, motherboards that cost hundreds of dollars do not support the 4th generation memory. Buy a new computer.

Moreover, each pin of DDR4 memory can provide a bandwidth of 2Gbps (256MB/s). After DDR4 uses 3DS stack packaging technology, the capacity of a single memory can reach up to 8 times that of current products.

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