Huawei launched a new distributed operating system, Hongmeng, but it didn’t test it on smart phones until the end of last year; In the early days, Hongmeng OS was aimed at the Internet of things system, so Huawei’s smart phones have always been equipped with Android operating system. However, due to the restrictions of the “ban order”, Huawei can not continue to use Google’s GMS service. At this time, Android is not so friendly to Huawei.

Huawei launched the new Hongmeng OS2.0 in September last year, and initially opened it up; After the open source, Hongmeng OS has been questioned by many netizens. After analyzing the code, many people in the industry found that this operating system uses a lot of code similar to Android, or the similarity between this operating system and Android is high. How does Huawei official respond?

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Recently, Huawei executive Wang Chenglu said that the code used by Hongmeng comes from the open source community, and the vast majority of Android code also comes from the open source community; Not all the code of Android operating system is developed by Google. Most of the code of the system comes from the open source community. In addition, the data also shows that Huawei is one of the biggest contributors to the open source community.

For netizens questioning whether Hongmeng OS is Android’s “skin changing”, it can only show that Chinese science and technology circles do not have a consistent understanding of software open source; The current Hongmeng OS is still based on AOSP, so it is still Android, but Huawei will remove the code contributed by Google in the future; In the second half of this year, the open source code of Hongmeng stage 3 (Hongmeng os3.0) will go online, and almost all the code from AOSP community and contributed by Google will be removed.

At present, some of Huawei’s flagship mobile phones have also been tested with Hongmeng OS2.0. The system supports Android Software as Huawei’s mobile phones with Android operating system before, and its operation page and logic are almost the same; But compared with the Android operating system, Hongmeng OS has made more in-depth optimization in terms of power consumption control and fluency, and the user experience will be better.

In addition to Huawei, other mobile phone manufacturers have acquired or developed their own operating systems. For example, Samsung has launched the tizen operating system, and released several low-end smart phones using the tizen operating system. At present, many Samsung smart TVs are still using the system, and Samsung has also launched several wearable devices based on the system, But there are no Samsung phones with the new tizen operating system.

LG also bought WebOS and used it on its own smart TV; However, due to the lack of software ecosystem, the experience of WebOS is not very good, which is also a problem faced by many new systems. It is not difficult for an operating system to be developed (for Giants), but it is difficult to build a complete software ecosystem. Even Microsoft has fallen behind in this aspect, which is a big problem for other manufacturers.

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