Is FPGA Software or hardware?

FPGA belongs to hardware, not software. The FPGA industry is closely related to many popular applications such as artificial intelligence and VR. By configuring FPGA, you can do different things and program different algorithms. It has the advantages of flexibility, high performance and power consumption ratio.

At present, FPGA is widely used. The carefully designed customized circuit FPGA can make the operation speed reach 1GH / s. FPGA can realize the parallelization and pipelining of applications on embedded, memory and other platforms. Contemporary FPGA architecture combines the basic elements with additional computing and data storage blocks, which improves the computing density and efficiency of the device.

Basic structure of FPGA:

Look up table (LUT) — this component performs logical operations

Wiring resources — connecting various components to each other

Trigger (FF) — this register element stores the result of LUT

FPGA can be used directly after the circuit design is completed without continuous streaming. The FPGA design process is more similar to ordinary IC. FPGA has great advantages in power consumption. It helps custom hardware and software developers to enhance their application efficiency.

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