What is bone conduction headset?

Is it uncomfortable to wear it for a long time?

Can you really hear without putting it in your ear?

At the beginning of 2019, bone conduction earphones are becoming more and more popular. As a new technology, the high price of bone conduction earphones has deterred many users from dreaming and suspecting.

Is bone conduction earphone easy to use

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The so-called bone conduction refers to the transmission of sound through the skull. We all know that the sound we usually hear is transmitted by air as the main medium. The guideline of bone conduction is to let the sound wave directly pass through the skull, stimulate the perilymph to produce corresponding fluctuations, so as to make the cochlear spiral organ produce hearing. The earphone that transmits sound through this principle is called bone conduction earphone.

Today, let’s talk about “bone conduction black technology” through the unpacking and using experience of South Carolina runner high wind youth, a Bluetooth headset that doesn’t fit into the ear.

When you see its pure white packaging, you will understand that there is a fashion called simplicity; When you open its simple package, you will find that there is a kind of simplicity called delicacy.

Open the package, in addition to the headset body, there are instructions, data cable and two anti noise earplugs. The headset is made of environment-friendly materials, and supports Bluetooth 5.0 and ipx5 waterproof. Because it adopts bone conduction technology, it doesn’t need to enter the ear when wearing, and it doesn’t have a sense of pressure, so it can restore hearing and protect hearing.

The surface of the earphone is covered with plastic silica gel, which is smooth and delicate to the touch. There are four physical buttons in total. The buttons on the left side of the generator can control music playback / pause. The buttons on the right side of the generator support on-off / call control / Bluetooth connection / voice assistant wake-up. Two volume buttons are also placed in the new film area behind the right ear. Long press can switch the previous / next music. Microphone, indicator light and micro USB charging interface are distributed around the volume key.

When we wear it for the first time, we may have a short-term maladjustment. In our daily life, we all use two ears to listen to sound. When we wear conventional earphones such as in ear or headset, the sound we hear mainly comes from earphones, and it is transmitted through the two external auditory canals. We use the fluctuation of air to stimulate the tympanic membrane, so that the spirocher can produce hearing.

The bone conduction guide uses the skull as a medium to stimulate the auditory nerve (spiral organ) of the brain by making the skull “vibrate”. Because of this, when using the bone conduction earphone to listen to music or make a phone call, it does not affect the normal sound collection of the tympanic membrane through the external auditory canal. That kind of feeling is like two extra ears. The feeling of listening to sound with four ears can only be described by people who have really experienced it.

Although talking about the sound quality of earphones is a big topic, different people have different opinions on this issue, and the sound transmission mode of bone conduction earphones is different from ordinary earphones. Therefore, it is unfair to compare the sound quality of bone conduction earphones. We can only talk about its performance in the aspect of sound clarity.

When we wear conventional earphones, the general earphones have a certain effect of passive noise reduction, and some relatively advanced earphones also support the effect of active noise reduction. Therefore, in use, the sound source stimulation received by the eardrum is mainly earphones, while the ambient noise is relatively small. When wearing bone conduction earphones, they don’t need to touch the auricle and external auditory canal, so they don’t even have the most basic passive noise reduction effect. In outdoor conditions, they need to be adjusted to a higher volume in order to hear more clearly. However, after wearing the earphones, the clarity and volume of the voice will be greatly improved, which is like speaking with your ears covered, You’ll feel like you’re making a bigger sound, just as you’re using the effect of skull vibration.

In other aspects, the runner has built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip, and the transmission distance is not less than 10 meters. If it is indoor, it is no problem to wear a wall; The built-in 180MAH battery performs well in terms of battery life. When the battery is fully charged, 200 minutes of continuous wechat audio calls and 180 minutes of music playback are still available. There is not much pressure to meet the normal use of the day. After all, no one will wear it 24 hours, and there is no discomfort in the long-term wearing process.

It is worth mentioning that during the call test, although the microphone of the headset is located behind the ear, the call quality is not affected.

It’s time to sum up: no one is perfect, no matter traditional earphones such as in ear earphones, headphones, or bone conduction earphones such as runner, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Traditional earphones have more advantages in filtering environmental noise, but they are more or less harmful to the health of hearing. On the contrary, bone conduction earphones are more beneficial to our health except for the common problems of poor effect in noisy environment and certain leakage phenomenon.

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