Recently, iqoo released its first flagship mobile phone, iqoo 3. The machine is equipped with a snapdragon 865 mobile platform, supports dual-mode 5g network, UFS 3.1 + lpddr5 memory combination, 4400mAh super large battery, 55W ultra fast flash charging, and super pole racing screen design. The opening is only 2.98mm, and the opening is located in the upper right corner of the fuselage.

Iqoo product manager said iqoo 3 adopts the right side opening design to weaken the user's perception


However, there are three kinds of pole positions on the market, i.e., left, middle and right. Why does iqoo 3 choose to place the opening on the right? On March 9, iqoo product manager @ Golan V explained the official idea on Weibo, including three main considerations.

He said that iqoo 3 uses such a design, one is to weaken the user’s perception. Because most users’ reading habits are from left to right, the right is relatively difficult to perceive; second, the pole on the right is conducive to the experience of playing games on the horizontal screen. This design will not block the camera, and the palm will not block the speaker, which can meet the needs of some users while playing games and watching video. To sum up, in order to bring better user experience, iqoo 3 chooses to place the pole on the right side of the screen.

Iqoo product manager said iqoo 3 adopts the right side opening design to weaken the user's perception

@Screenshot of Golan V microblog

Iqoo has so many considerations about the specific location of the screen opening, which shows the degree of care of the official on this mobile phone. In fact, this mobile phone has also achieved good sales results since it came into the market. The price of this mobile phone starts from 3598 yuan, and the sales volume of the whole network exceeds 100 million yuan one hour after the first sale, and has won the sales & sales champion of Jingdong mobile phone in the price range of 3000-4000 yuan. It can be seen that many consumers also approve of this mobile phone.

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