Recently, iqiyi announced that it took the lead in launching the “cuvahdr” video technology standard, becoming the first video platform to launch the standard content.

CUVA is the abbreviation of “China ultra high definition video industry alliance”, while HDR is the abbreviation of “high dynamic range”.

Iqiyi takes the lead in pushing CUVA HDR standard video technology standard

Through the support of iqiyi’s self-developed encoding and decoding technology for cuvahdr standard, users can use Xiaomi 10pro, Huawei p30pro, iPhone 11pro, iPhone xsmax and other hardware devices to experience the cuvahdr effect in many films, such as flash girl, Chinese Feixia, Yiyi lonely walk and so on.

It is reported that iqiyi has taken the lead in joining CUVA in 2018, becoming a member of the governing unit of the alliance, and is committed to jointly exploring solutions to improve the user experience. In the future, it will also support the live and on-demand broadcast of cuvahdr standard of 2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

Cuvahdr standard is an important basic standard in the field of ultra high definition video released by China ultra high definition video industry alliance in September 2020. As an end-to-end standardization technology based on dynamic metadata, cuvahdr has more perfect and highly flexible processing capacity than other HDR standard technologies.

Under the cuvahdr standard, the color and level of the picture are richer, the contrast between light and shade is significantly improved, the depth and details are significantly enhanced, and the picture will be closer to the real world, bringing users a more comfortable visual experience.

At present, in addition to the video platform, many products of hardware terminal manufacturers such as TCL, Konka and Huawei already have cuvahdr support capability.

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