Recently, silicon labs (also known as “core technology”) announced to join the board of directors of wi Sun Alliance to accelerate the popularity of wi sun in the world. Wi sun alliance aims to provide standardized and interconnected solutions for the global market, so as to promote seamless and widely popularized lpwan connection. It is very suitable for smart utilities, smart cities and industrial Internet of things (iiot) applications. It is an important wireless technology with great future development potential. Let’s take a brief look at the standard features and development advantages of wi sun.

Wi sun fan (field area networks) is an open standard based on ieee802.15.4g specification and other IEEE 802 and IETF standards. The wi sun alliance aims to develop and promote the specification and manage the certification process to ensure that each supplier’s equipment meets the specification and interoperability requirements.

The design concept of wi sun fan is to provide communication infrastructure for very large-scale outdoor networks. Like the way you use the network on your smartphone or computer, the regional network allows industrial devices such as smart meters and street lamps to be interconnected to a public network with better security and stability.

The fan certification program is initiated by the wi Sun Alliance to certify the equipment used by utilities, system developers and other service providers to simplify the implementation of large-scale smart cities, smart utilities and other Internet of things projects.

IPv6 Based Intelligent and Internet of things applications requiring low power consumption and remote wireless connection

Through fan certification, the wi Sun Alliance certifies the product’s compliance with communication profiles from open standards and interoperability with other wi sun certified products.

In terms of current market applications, wi sun is an ideal solution for smart meters, advanced meter infrastructure, power generation and distribution, street lamps, large smart city infrastructure and other industrial Internet of things applications. As an open specification, wi sun provides the best solution of global mesh network for intelligent and Internet of things applications based on IPv6 and requiring low power consumption and remote wireless connection.

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