According to foreign media reports, sources revealed that Apple supplier Weichuang plans to assemble iPhone PCB in a new factory in southern India to expand production. This is the first time that Weichuang has assembled PCB locally, highlighting Apple’s efforts to expand production in the world’s second largest smartphone market.

IPhone supply affected by pneumonia, shipment may decline in the first quarter

It is reported that wetrong started manufacturing iPhone se phones in Bangalore, southern India, in 2017, and assembled iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 there.

PCB is the core component of electronic equipment, which provides the carrier for CPU, memory, baseband chip, and its cost accounts for about half of the cost of smart phones.

At present, India is still highly dependent on China for the supply of battery, display panel, camera module, PCB and other intelligent machine parts.

Foxconn, Weichuang’s rival, began manufacturing iPhone XR models in India last year, where it has assembled PCBs for these devices.

Weichuang’s second iPhone factory, 65 kilometers from Bangalore, is expected to open in April to produce iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, with some phones to be exported, the report said. The annual capacity of the factory’s smart machines is up to 8 million. However, New Coronavirus outbreak in China may delay the India plan of weft and apple.

Recently, Guo Mingxu, an analyst at Tianfeng international, said in the latest forecast report that iPhone supply will be affected by pneumonia outbreak in the first quarter of this year, and the shipment volume will drop by about 10% to 36-40 million units.

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