This year’s Samsung Galaxy note 20 series took the lead in using the LTP panel, and even the iPhone 12 series didn’t get the supply qualification.

However, according to the latest news from South Korean media, at least two new iPhones (with “iPhone 13” as an illustration) will be equipped with ltoled panels next year.

IPhone 13 will be replaced by lpto OLED panel to reduce power consumption

Ltpo (low-temperature polycrystal oxide) is different from the current LTPS (low-temperature polycrystal silicon) OLED display panel substrate, that is, adding an additional layer of oxide to reduce the energy consumption required to excite pixels, thus reducing the power consumption of screen display.

According to the report, LG is actively expanding its e6-1 and e6-2 production lines, and plans to increase the monthly production capacity of lptool substrates to 25000 by next year.

In May next year, lgdisplay will introduce a number of new devices to build ltpools for Apple’s iPhone in 2022.

Even LG has planned a monthly production capacity of 15000 pieces of e6-3 and LTP OLED substrates.

Of course, Samsung will still be the main supplier of LTP in the future. Yashan A3 has a monthly production capacity of 105000.

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