Although the iPhone 12 is still hot, the supply chain has begun to make various preparations for the new generation of iPhone 13.

The latest reports from Korean media say that Samsung Display and LG Display will be the main suppliers of flexible OLED panels for the iPhone 13 series.

The report confirmed that Samsung will provide 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch LTPO-TFT panels with a refresh rate of 120Hz this time for Pro models. LTPO OLED panels have been used in Samsung's own Note 20 and S20 series, which can ensure power consumption under high brushing.

The report also pointed out that the high refresh rate of the iPhone 13 will also support synchronization technologies such as Freesync to avoid screen tearing.

Due to its inexperience in LTPO, LG will only supply LTPS panels for the standard model of the iPhone 13 to Apple. It is expected that Samsung's supply will reach 120 million and LG's 40 million.

In addition to the panel, it is said that the four iPhone 13 models will use RFPCB (rigid-flex board). Currently, only the 5.4-inch mini and 6.7-inch Pro Max on the iPhone 12 are such motherboards. The advantage is that the display touch response will be faster.

In addition, Samsung's OLED panels for the iPhone 13 will be based on M11 luminescent materials, and the S21 will be launched. The green part of the M11 luminescent material is self-sufficient by Samsung, and the red and green are from Tokusan, Doosan, etc.
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