It has been some time since the launch of the iPhone 12 series. However, for those consumers who are keen on the iPhone 12 Pro Series, it is still a difficult question whether to choose a higher configuration iPhone 12 promax or a relatively affordable iPhone 12 pro.

There is no doubt that the iPhone 12 promax is still worthy of the top.

In terms of configuration alone, the iPhone 12 promax is equipped with an OLED screen, an advanced 5nm Apple A14 processor, an AI tri camera combination + lidar with 12 million main cameras, and IP68 level waterproof, 5g network, 3D structured light, dual speakers and other functions. Its overall performance is remarkable and it is a strong competitor of the “strongest flagship”.

Looking back at the iPhone 12pro, we can see that there are not too many features left behind in the configuration. There are some features on Max, and the iPhone 12pro is not bad.

However, after all, there is a price difference of more than 800 between the two. If there is no difference in experience, it is definitely impossible. In this case, the author today for the appearance size, photography, endurance three aspects for you to do a comparative test, as a purchase reference!

Appearance: driving the iPhone 12 promax requires a pair of big hands

To be honest, as a science male, I’m not very interested in appearance. On the one hand, the industrial design of the manufacturer is very mature. For the top flagship, it’s hard to fall short of the design standard; On the other hand, the inner experience of mobile phones is often more important than the level of face value.

Therefore, whether it’s the iPhone 12pro or the iPhone 12promax, the design of Liu Haiping is not new. Even if it has a smaller bangs area and a narrower border than the 11 series, it’s still not brilliant and can only be accepted.

However, as a matter of fact, the texture of the iPhone 12pro series is not to be selected. The correct body and details are the qualities of a high-end flagship.

However, whether the design of iPhone’s return to right angle border is good or not remains to be discussed. From Pro to max, both of them have the same right angle edge design, but different body sizes create different experiences. It’s quite easy to put it on Pro, but it’s a bit hard to “control” it on max.

We might as well learn from the details. First of all, from the perspective of size parameters, the body size of the iPhone 12pro is 146.7×71.5×7.4mm, and the weight is 187G. The iPhone 12 promax has a body size of 160.8×78.1×7.4mm and a weight of 226g.

The fuselage thickness is the same, but the width and weight difference is not small. When you hold it in your hand, you can clearly feel the difference in weight between the two. The iPhone 12 promax has a strong sense of weight.

The fuselage thickness of the two is only 7.4mm, which is extremely slim in 5g mobile phones. In theory, there may be a good feedback on the hand experience of such a slim model, but if you really think so, it’s a big mistake.

The iPhone 12 series chose to return to the right angle frame again. Although the recognition was improved and the passers-by could see that they had changed the iPhone at a glance, it sacrificed a lot of hand feeling for the iPhone 12 promax.

Especially in the super wide size, it is obvious to cut hands. Even if such a big hand as the author, holding still has some inadaptability, which inevitably leads to the illusion of “fingers are not long enough”.

As a result, although the data of the iPhone 12 promax is very good, the one hand experience is very general. In contrast, the iPhone 12 pro with a smaller screen size is much better.

However, as a matter of fact, the large screen also has the advantages of large screen. For example, in the horizontal screen state, the two hand operation will have different feelings. The screen is so large, the content of iPhone 12 promax is more presented, and the game operation is more comfortable. There is no need to worry about the finger blocking the line of sight, and there is not too much sense of embarrassment.

In short, the iPhone 12 promax has a bigger screen and a wider field of vision, but the right angle frame with a wider body is not suitable for children.

Although the screen of iPhone 12 Pro is slightly small, the perception is not obvious. The appropriate size and weight are suitable for more consumers to choose.

Photo taking: both are excellent, but Max is better

As we all know, the iPhone 12 promax has about 800 pieces more than the iPhone 12 pro. Apart from the differences in appearance color and screen size, the imaging system is also different.

Although the lens specifications of both iPhone 12 pro and Max are the combination of front 12 million and rear 12 million, iPhone 12 promax is still stronger.

Let’s take a look at the parameters. First of all, the three cameras of the two mobile phones are 12 million pixels, with the promax aperture of F / 2.4 (ultra wide angle), f / 1.6 (wide angle), f / 2.2 (long focus), and the pro aperture of F / 2.4 (ultra wide angle), f / 1.6 (wide angle), f / 2.0 (long focus).

Wait, is there a little doubt? Clearly, the aperture of the iPhone 12pro telephoto lens is larger than that of the iPhone 12promax telephoto lens. Why is Max called stronger?

In fact, although they are all 12 megapixel telephoto lenses, promax’s telephoto lens is equivalent to 65mm. It has a 2.5x telephoto zoom lens with longer focal length, and supports up to 12x digital zoom.

The equivalent focal length of 12pro is 52mm, which only supports 2x optical zoom and up to 10x digital zoom. Although there is a slight difference between the two, Max undoubtedly shoots farther.

IPhone 12 pro or iPhone 12 Pro max?

You can see the comparison of the above three groups of samples, which were taken by the author in the daytime with iPhone 12pro and iPhone 12promax.

Frankly speaking, it is difficult to see the obvious difference under normal 1 x wide angle except that different focal lengths are well resolved.

IPhone 12 pro or iPhone 12 Pro max?

IPhone 12 promax wide angle sample

IPhone 12 pro or iPhone 12 Pro max?

If you don’t label the iPhone 12pro wide-angle sample, can you tell which one is the iPhone 12promax and which one is the iPhone 12pro?

The image quality of the two is very good, the details of the trunk texture are real and delicate, the crown color level is rich, and there is no over rendering trace.

Even the colors of the photos are basically the same. If you have to say something different, the picture of the iPhone 12 promax is a little brighter, but it’s very limited. It can be seen that it’s difficult to distinguish between the two in daylight.

But in fact, the main camera sensors of the iPhone 12 promax and the iPhone 12 Pro are not the same. The iPhone 12 promax is equipped with a larger and “moving” sensor for the main camera.

Therefore, in theory, Max has better anti shake performance than pro. However, in addition to the main camera sensor, Max’s ultra wide angle lens, telephoto lens and the equipped sensor are no different from the pro version.

In the light of the day, through the comparison of iPhone 12pro and iPhone 12promax, the performance of the two is relatively close in hue and detail, and iPhone 12promax is a little higher in brightness.

But the difference is not obvious, the normal experience will not have much difference. In terms of night shooting, 12promax will be more helpful in night scene and dark light environment because of its larger CMOS, which is also one of its major advantages.

IPhone 12 pro or iPhone 12 Pro max?

There is no doubt that both in the night and dark light environment, have quite wonderful performance. Both iphone12promax and 12pro are equipped with lidar sensors, which can help iPhone focus faster in weak light. However, iphone12promax has a new “displacement optical image stabilization function”, which also has better stability in the case of handheld without the assistance of tripod.

In terms of pure parameters, the camera performance of the iPhone 12 promax may be better, but in terms of the final contrast effect, it is very subtle.

Especially in the daytime, the images from the iPhone 12pro look basically as good as the iPhone 12promax. The biggest difference is that the iPhone 12promax has a wider range of telephoto lenses.

In a word, if you have high requirements for shooting and are allergic to image details and lens parameters, you can choose the iPhone 12 promax. However, if you can hardly see the difference between the two, the iPhone 12 Pro obviously meets the requirements.

Endurance: iPhone 12 promax has better endurance

With the advent of the new iPhone series, battery life has always been a focus topic. Compared with the large battery of 4500ma in the Android camp, the iPhone is a bit of “skittish”. The maximum battery capacity of 12promax is only 3687mah, while the Pro is smaller, only 2815mah. Even if it is outstanding in IOS optimization, it is hard not to let people doubt its battery life.

However, the object of today’s comparison is the iPhone 12 series. For both, there is not much suspense. When the software and hardware are almost the same, the one with large battery capacity will undoubtedly have better endurance performance.

Of course, here is a simple endurance comparison test for the two mobile phones. After playing the original God with two mobile phones for one hour, the final test results are as follows: the picture quality is the same, the screen is the largest, and the volume is the same

The power of iPhone 12 promax dropped from 51% to 30%, and it lost 21% after one hour’s game; The iPhone 12 Pro is down from 54% to 24% and 30% after an hour of gaming.

It turns out that the bigger iPhone 12 promax will be better in terms of endurance. If you care about endurance, then Max will be more suitable than other iPhones.

Finally, I don’t want to comment too much on Apple’s charging performance, but I need to remind you that no matter Max or pro, they are not equipped with charging heads, so we need to buy charging heads or MagSafe.

At the end:

Through the two-day experience, we also learned more about iPhone 12 promax and iPhone 12 pro. The iPhone 12 promax has a larger screen, longer battery life and stronger image configuration, but it is obviously too arbitrary to say that the iPhone 12 promax is the best choice.

From the daily experience, the ultra wide body and right angle frame of the iPhone 12 promax are not friendly to small hand users, on the contrary, the iPhone 12 Pro is very comfortable.

In addition, the price of max128gb can buy the pro256gb version. If you use the price difference to buy a larger storage configuration, it will undoubtedly be more cost-effective and practical.

IPhone 12 promax still has significant advantages in battery life, and has a higher level of image quality. If you care about these, iPhone 12 promax is also an appropriate choice.

Of course, if the budget is very adequate, then there is no need to tangle, I certainly recommend promax, after all, the most versatile who does not want to try it!

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