The iPhone 11 series has been released. Compared with previous products, these three new machines have stronger processors, longer battery life and better imaging system. Although many make complaints about the ugly iPhone 11 series of cameras, the frame is too conspicuous and does not support 5G network, but after the listing, it was panic buying. Now that the iPhone 11 series has been released, people begin to look forward to the iPhone 12.

iPhone 11 Pro

Recently, a “rendering video” of iPhone 12 was exposed on the Internet. Netizens said that if it was really long, I would buy it! How magical is this rendered video that people can’t help “cheering”? Now let’s have a look.

This video is called “secret release of iPhone 12 Pro Max plus in 2020”. The video shows the “expectations” of netizens for iPhone 12. For example, “you can see the whole page of information without sliding”, “hundreds of applications can be displayed on one page”, “you can use it to play the guitar”, “provide more convenient measurement methods for designers”, “ultra panoramic shooting mode”, “ultra long 5g antenna”, “can show a better figure”, “8.3mm ultra-thin body, which can be imperceptible in your pocket”, etc.

IPhone 12 Pro Max plus “render video”

After this video was reported, it attracted the attention of many netizens. Everyone was convinced by the brain hole in the video and said “if the iPhone 12 is long, buy it”. Of course, we all know that the iPhone 12 will not be like this. If it is really long, it is estimated that no one will buy it. Cook, don’t be deceived by these netizens.

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