In 2012, Apple released its first generation of ipadmi, followed by annual iterations, but stopped abruptly after 2015.

Until last March, apple finally launched the ipadmi5. Although it has been reported more than once that Apple intends to continue to hide and cut off the ipadmi product line, Guo Mingxu, an analyst, gave a different view.

Ipad Mini 6 exposure: 8.5 "display + A14 processor

Now, a foreign source has given the so-called ipadmi6 news.

It is said that the ipadmi6 prototype is already under development, but more than one is available. At present, apple tends to equip it with 8.5-inch liquid retina retina display, upgrade to A14 processor, 4gbram, replace it with usb-c interface, and support the second generation Apple pencil.

At present, Apple’s product lines are 7.9-inch ipad Mini, 10.2-inch iPad, 10.9-inch iPad air and 11 inch / 12.9-inch iPad pro. As the iPad and iPad air have just been updated, the ipadmi6 may come along with next year’s iPad pro, which is expected to be equipped with a14x processor and miniled display.

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