On October 23, iote 2021 16th International Internet of things exhibition Shenzhen station with the theme of “connecting everything with the core and giving wisdom to the world” opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian), covering six exhibition areas such as artificial intelligence, smart city, sensors, communication positioning and industrial interconnection, and actively responded to the development trend of digital intelligence, sustainable and innovative applications.


In this Internet of things exhibition, mobile communication has brought more cutting-edge and perfect module products and a wide range of customer terminals.

5g module supporting R16 standard enters the engineering sample stage

In July 2020, the international standards organization 3GPP announced the freeze of R16 standard, which is recognized by the industry as accelerating the pace of 5g development. 5g R16 standard not only enhances the function of 5g, but also introduces new technology to realize the transformation from “usable” to “easy to use”.

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As we all know, mobile communication has always been the leader in the 5g field. In February 2021, China mobile communication took the lead in launching the second generation 5gnr communication modules supporting 3GPP R16 protocol – sub-6ghz module rx520f series, rx520n series and millimeter wave module rm530n and rg530f series.

This series of 5g modules support R16 enhanced features, with the characteristics of ultra reliability and low delay. It fully supports TDD / FDD 5g sub-6ghz carrier aggregation (CA) in three combined modes of FDD + TDD, FDD + FDD and TDD + TDD, further improves 5g service capacity and efficiency, and can meet industrial applications with higher requirements for enhancing mobile broadband and reliable communication capabilities, such as industrial Internet, fixed wireless access, mobile computing, intelligent medical treatment Private network and other scenes.

It is reported that rg520n and rg520f series 5g modules have successively entered the engineering sample stage in September 2021. They are supporting a number of industry customers to carry out terminal design and accelerate the commercialization of 5g technology with good research and development progress.

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At the 2021 5g Internet of things industry ecological conference held at the same time of the conference, He Gang, expansion director of mobile communication industry, delivered a speech entitled “practice and innovation of 5gtob typical industry application scenarios”, focusing on the characteristics and latest implementation of mobile 5g series modules.

Customer applications spread across thousands of industries

At the exhibition site, mobile communication showed a series of industrial applications, including 5g, 4G, Android intelligence, Nb IOT, GNSS, car front loading and other different types, attracting a large number of exhibitors to stop and visit and earn enough traffic.

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5g: 5g industrial explosion-proof helmet, 5g CPE, 5g data transmission terminal, 5g gateway, 5g Ultra HD live broadcast terminal, etc.

On board front mounted: vehicle traveling data recorder, on-board positioning terminal, T-box, OBD, etc.

4G: egg twisting machine, portable Wi Fi, explosion-proof terminal, temperature measuring robot, walkie talkie, etc.

Android Smart: live broadcast all-in-one machine, smart helmet, VR glasses, bus card reader, etc.

GNSS: scooter, etc.

NB IOT: intelligent blood glucose meter, smoke detector, fire detection alarm, cow activity collector, electronic sphygmomanometer, etc.

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