In the past two years, with the rapid transformation of Chinese enterprises and consumers towards digitization, the smart home industry and related ecology have been rapidly activated. Subsequently, the most ideal smart home entrance – Smart speaker has also entered the blowout period.

According to IDC statistics, in Q1 2019, China’s smart speaker market broke the 10 million mark, with a year-on-year increase of 787.2%. Among them, Alibaba and Baidu’s smart speakers have achieved good results.

We are very curious about the differences between Alibaba’s experience and that of Baidu’s smart speakers.

Today, we will choose the most representative products of Alibaba and Baidu – tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu at home 1s. Take a look at the price range of 400 yuan, and both are equipped with screens. Who is better.

Two design styles, take what you need

On the whole, both tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu 1s at home adopt the design of the front part of the fuselage, the upper part is the screen and the lower part is the speaker. Although the general design language is similar, there are still many differences between the two products in terms of details.

On the front of the fuselage, the small 1s screen and speaker at home occupy 1 / 2 of the space respectively. Although it increases the design sense of the fuselage, compared with the design that the tmall elf CCL screen occupies 2 / 3 of the space, it obviously reflects that the tmall elf CCL screen is larger and more comfortable visually.

On the top of the speaker, tmall elf CCL is equipped with four keys, and the volume +, – keys, mute keys and power keys are still from left to right. Xiaodu’s 1s at home is only equipped with a button, short press to close the screen, long press to switch on and off the machine.

From the perspective of humanization, the four buttons of tmall elf CCL with clear division of labor are undoubtedly more intuitive. Xiaodu’s only 1s button at home will inevitably feel overwhelmed when he first started.

At the back of the fuselage, the difference between tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu at home 1s is obvious. Xiaodu at home 1s adopts a straight up and down cylindrical design, while tmall elf CCL hollows out part of the area and only makes necessary bulges at the bottom.

The aesthetic difference between tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu’s 1s fuselage back at home belongs to the problem that different people have different opinions. However, in general, the practice of tmall elf CCL hollowing out the rear shell undoubtedly reduces the thickness of the fuselage and increases the flexibility and movement of the whole machine.

In terms of details, Xiaodu has dense sound raising holes on the front, top and back of the 1s fuselage at home, which must lead to bursts of chill of dense phobia. Tmall elf CCL only leaves small holes on the front of the fuselage, which can be integrated with the fuselage at a distance, increasing the integrity of the fuselage.

On the whole, tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu at home 1s have their own strengths in design. The smart combination of tmall elf CCL interaction and design brings a very flexible feeling. Xiaodu 1s at home hopes to give consumers the impression of “speaker”, which is slightly regular.

Tmall elf CCL sound performance is broader

In terms of use, although these two products support touch screen, they both focus on voice interaction. Shouting “Xiaodu Xiaodu” can wake Xiaodu at home for 1s, and shouting “tmall elf” can wake up tmall elf CCL.

In the actual test, both tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu can give feedback at the first time when they shout out the corresponding trigger voice for 1s at home, without any sense of procrastination. However, during the distance test, there are still some differences between the two products. When the measured distance is more than 6 meters away, Xiaodu will be at home for 1s intermittently and can’t give feedback immediately, while tmall elf CCL can still give feedback at the first time.

However, considering that the main application scenario of smart speakers is the living room, Xiaodu won’t lose too many points if his feedback is poor for more than 6 meters for 1s at home.

Inside the fuselage, tmall Genie CCL is equipped with Texas Instruments ti5805 and built-in DRC + AGL audio processing DSP, which can ensure the restoration of the purest sound. In addition, the 1.75 inch full frequency horn increases the thrust of the sound and brings a more shocking look and feel.

Xiaodu’s 1s at home adds a passive diaphragm and built-in bass boost technology, which can perform well in low-frequency sound.

On the whole, Xiaodu 1s at home is especially suitable for listening to the music showing boys, and the bass is accurate. Tmall elf CCL not only achieves certain attainments in low frequency, but also has layout in medium and high frequency, making the overall sound more three-dimensional.

The screen on the speaker is not chicken ribs, but a “smart screen”

I believe many people think that a smart speaker with a screen is a chicken rib. In fact, through our experience, the smart speaker is added to the screen not only for ease of control, but also to expand its use boundary.

In terms of hardware, both tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu are equipped with a 7-inch IPS screen at home for 1s. The viewing angle of tmall elf CCL reaches 110 °, avoiding the problem of color deviation on the side of the traditional large screen.

The most intuitive use scenario for tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu’s large screen on home 1s is video call – because tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu are equipped with front cameras on the top of home 1s screen, both devices support video call with their own devices.

It is worth noting that the front camera of tmall elf CCL adopts a 5 ° downward tilt design and supports a large 84 ° wide angle. Through limb recognition technology, the family is always in position C during video call, so it will be better than the video picture of being at home for 1s.

However, on the whole, the hardware difference between tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu’s 1s large screen at home will not be very obvious. Therefore, the difference between the two devices on the screen mainly depends on their software optimization with large screen.

Therefore, we can say that apart from the hardware, tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu at home 1s mainly fight for their own platform resources.

Backed by Alibaba Dashu, mainstream resources such as Taobao, Alipay, Youku and Himalaya can all be deployed by tmall elf CCL. Meanwhile, Starbucks coffee and Tencent video are constantly extended.

Ali is good at e-commerce. Tmall elf CCL naturally continues this advantage. It adds “voiceprint” recognition as the verification channel of payment. We just need to say “tmall elf, help me charge my phone bill” and “tmall elf, I want to buy a dress” to tmall elf CCL.

Xiaodu’s 1s at home integrates its own Baidu online disk resources. We say “Xiaodu Xiaodu, open Baidu online disk” to view our saved film and television drama, music and Photo resources on Xiaodu’s 1s at home, which makes up for the slightly poor Baidu resources to a certain extent. Of course, tmall elf CCL can also turn the smart screen into an electronic photo frame through its own online disk.

It is worth noting that in order to cover the whole age group, tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu 1s at home have specially added “children’s mode”. In terms of resources, they have added animations loved by children. In terms of function, when it is detected that children watch the film too close, they can give eye protection and anti addiction reminders to protect their children’s eyes at all times. However, tmall elf CCL’s unique fire eye and spirit reading ability are for busy parents, In terms of experience and use, it is still slightly better.

Overall, in terms of hardware, tmall elf CCL is not much different from Xiaodu’s 1s at home screen, but in terms of camera and sound quality, tmall elf CCL has great advantages. In terms of software, thanks to the deep-rooted tree of Ali, countless resources lead to tmall elf CCL, so the experience is slightly better than Xiaodu’s 1s at home.

IOT creates differentiated experience

In addition to the speaker product itself, ecology is also an important factor to test the excellence of tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu 1s at home. According to the introduction of tmall genie, at present, tmall Genie CCL has access to more than 660 IOT platforms, covering more than 60 categories and more than 900 brands, supporting more than 3600 types of connectable devices, with more than 325 million controllable devices and covering more than 70% of smart devices.

When consumers install IOT ecological products that can be controlled by tmall elf CCL in their homes, they just need to say “tmall elf, open the curtains” to tmall elf CCL in the morning. Tmall elf CCL can automatically control the opening of the curtains, which is full of science fiction.

Although Xiaodu’s 1s at home also focuses on supporting IOT, according to Baidu, at present, Xiaodu’s 1s at home has only access to more than 200 brands and 70 million controllable devices. Both the covered brands and the number of covered devices are slightly inferior to tmall elf CCL.

Overall, as the two most representative products in the face-to-face smart speaker industry, tmall elf CCL and Xiaodu at home 1s still have a big gap in design and use.

Tmall Genie CCL focuses on the needs of consumers and designs products. Therefore, the final finished products are also very suitable for the needs of consumers. Whether it is video resources of audio-visual entertainment, exclusive e-commerce shopping or IOT control center with wider coverage, they are more competitive.

Xiaodu 1s at home is the starting point of focusing on the design of “speaker” and “screen”. It continues Baidu’s consistent high level in searching encyclopedia and popularizes and simplifies knowledge by understanding encyclopedia in seconds. In addition, baidu combined with Baidu online disk to make up for the slight shortage of its own resources and threw the ball of finding resources to consumers, which still slightly increased the use burden of consumers.

In short, considering the design, function and product highlights, the highlights of tmall elf CCL are very suitable for high-quality home life. Of course, if you don’t mind increasing the use burden, 1s at home is also an option.

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