Following yesterday’s launch of the third developer beta for developers, today Apple again launched the third public beta of IOS / iPad OS 14.5. The third beta version mainly reintroduces the functions in the first beta version, allowing users to choose the default music service.

In the first public beta version of IOS 14.5, only a few users obtained the function of changing the default music player, and the function was only a “flash in the pan”, and it was not launched in the future. In the third beta version, you can play songs through Siri and ask about the music service you want to use. Once you choose, the next time you ask to play a song, it will automatically remember and play music directly on the selected service.

Specifically, the IOS 14.5beta3 beta upgrade can set the third-party music application as the default application of iPhone through Siri. At present, the supported applications include apple music, apple podcast, spotify, YouTube music, etc. In fact, when IOS 14.5beta1 was upgraded, it was allowed to set third-party music apps as the default app, but I don’t know why it was cancelled later. Now IOS 14.5beta3 upgrade is OK again. I believe more music apps will be supported in the future.

In addition, this time on beta 3, we can see that the Chinese version of the “item” menu is added to the “find” page, which seems to have really hammered the existence of Apple’s intelligent tracking device airtags. If nothing unexpected happens, this device should be officially released this month. If you are afraid of the item missing in the future, you can start with this little thing and bind it with your item. If you can’t find anything in the future, Just turn on your mobile phone and search.

In addition, in IOS 14.5 and iPad OS 14.5 5 and watchos 7.4, apple fitness + supports airplay 2, which enables exercise content played on iPhone or iPad to be played on airplay 2 compatible smart TV or set-top box.

The latest Playstation 5 dualsense and Xbox series X controllers are updated to be compatible with iPhone and iPad, and have a new feature that allows Siri to make emergency calls for you.

Incidentally, Apple has said that IOS 14.5 will be released to the public in the early spring, so it can be expected to be released sometime in March.

But after all, it is only a beta version, which is not stable enough and has many bugs.

Let’s take a look at all the bugs in IOS 14.5 beta. According to your feedback, there are the following six bugs.

1. When editing photos, the horizontal screen mode is checked, but the display is vertical screen… Similarly, when selecting vertical screen, it is horizontal screen display;

2. IOS 14.5 beta 1 will feel frustrated when sliding up and down while brushing headlines;

3. When the black screen is on, the screen suddenly darkens. When the screen is locked, the incoming call will occasionally Click to answer, which should have been sliding to answer;

4. 14.5 beta 1 bug, app data is missing;

5. App request tracking cannot be opened;

6. Charging the mobile phone with MagSafe has become that the charging animation is no longer displayed. It seems to be cancelled. There were some before upgrading.

Not everyone has the above bugs. Of course, there are other small bugs encountered by a few people. Mingmei infinite didn’t put them in.

In addition, in terms of battery life, Minmei infinity originally wanted to test it for three hours. Unexpectedly, it was too fascinated to play with the mobile phone and forgot the time, so it directly tested its five-hour battery life, from 94% to 18%, consuming 76% of the power. During the period, it brushed microblog, chatted and watched live video (connected with airpods Pro). What do you think of this battery life?

Finally, Minmei infinite also wants to say: it can be said that the IOS 14.5 system upgrade is a relatively large upgrade in the IOS 14 system, which brings relatively large function upgrades. The IOS 14.5beta3 beta upgrade has come. Have you upgraded? Of course, Minmei infinite suggests that ordinary users should wait for the official release of IOS 14.5 in the middle of the year!

So, if you have anything else to say about the IOS 14.5 beta 3 beta just released by apple today, please leave a message in the comment area and participate in the discussion

Editing: JQ

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