INVT powder molding industry solutions

01 Project Background

Powder molding machine is suitable for powder metallurgy, precision ceramics, cemented carbide, magnetic materials and other related industries that require powder pressing. In the production process of the powder molding machine, the double-axis gantry is required to be synchronized to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and the large pressure output.

02Customer needs

The powder molding machine has a smaller pressing force tonnage. For example, the press introduced in this article is a 20-ton powder molding machine, which is mostly mechanical. However, the mechanical cam is easy to wear over time, and the cam profile is difficult to process, and the cost is high. , mechanical easily stuck and other shortcomings, hope to solve these problems through new solutions.

03 INVT Solution

AX71 product advantages:

1. Multi-level open network:

A variety of communication and expansion interfaces are provided as standard to meet the diverse communication needs of the industry.

2. Advanced motion control:

It integrates rich motion control functions, and realizes high-level motion control such as synchronous control, electronic cam, electronic gear, and positioning through high-speed EtherCAT bus or pulse.

According to customer needs, based on the technical characteristics of the product, INVT proposes a complete solution: using INVT VS series HMI+AX71 PLC+DA200 high-power EtherCAT bus servo.

INVT control scheme system diagram

04Customer value

● Performance efficiency: The servo motor replaces the three-phase AC asynchronous motor, which makes the equipment run more smoothly and with high precision, which greatly improves the first-time pass rate of the product. ● Maintenance cost: The gantry dual-axis synchronously replaces the mechanical cam, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost and maintenance time of the equipment compared with the long-term wear and tear of the mechanical press to replace the cam. ● Production cost: The processing and production of products of different specifications can be quickly switched by setting parameters through HMI. Compared with the mechanical press, which can only produce a single specification product, it greatly reduces the production and use cost of customers.


The powder compaction molding process continues to develop with the advancement of science and technology. INVT has always adhered to the business philosophy of “integrity, morality, and professionalism”. It has accumulated many years of experience in powder molding machine solutions, and has core technologies for powder compaction. Technological innovation in the molding industry has played a major role in promoting the work efficiency of pressing and molding, and has also helped many companies that require powder pressing to grow rapidly.

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