In the process of 5G construction and commercialization, my country is undoubtedly in the first echelon of the world. Since the beginning of 2020, after winning a phased victory in the battle against the epidemic, my country has continued to accelerate the construction and deployment of 5G base stations, and promoted the commercialization of 5G in an orderly manner, achieving a series of notable achievements. With the strong support of the state, all parts of the country are also particularly active in the development of 5G. At the end of the year, we will sort out the important events of 5G development in various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in the past year. This issue is Jiangsu Province.

Jiangsu 5G medical private network built in 30 days

On March 18, China Mobile Jiangsu Company announced that the staff overcame various difficulties and completed the construction and opening of the Suzhou 5G medical private network within 30 days, taking the lead in opening the Jiangsu 5G medical private network. With exclusive bandwidth resources, the 5G medical private network can effectively meet the medical industry's requirements for the security and speed of information transmission, and help science and technology fight the epidemic.

Five parties signed a 5G strategic cooperation agreement to help 5G smart transportation

On April 1, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, and Jiangsu Iron Tower Company to jointly promote the optimization and construction of 5G layouts along transportation routes and hub nodes, and explore the use of 5G in intelligent public transportation, intelligent rail transit, The application of smart logistics and multiple scenarios such as subways, airports, and station hubs will improve the upgrade of transportation and travel experience, and better support the development of future transportation.

In the first quarter, the number of 5G base stations constructed in Jiangsu ranked first in the country

It was reported on April 26 that in the first quarter, Jiangsu built and used 7,302 5G base stations, ranking first in the country. Jiangsu telecommunications business volume and other indicators, ranked second in the country.

Jiangsu officially issued policies and measures to speed up new infrastructure construction

On May 14, the Jiangsu government website officially issued the "Several Policies and Measures on Accelerating the Construction of New Information Infrastructure and Expanding Information Consumption", which pointed out that the scale of investment in 5G construction will be expanded. In 2020, it plans to invest 12 billion yuan and build 52,000 5G base stations; Implement direct power supply for qualified 5G base stations, formulate and implement peak and valley electricity price policies for 5G base stations, comprehensively clean up and standardize price increases in the power supply link, and reduce the cost of electricity consumption by construction units.

Jiangsu 5G Industry Alliance Investment Promotion Committee was established

On May 22, the Jiangsu 5G Industry Alliance Investment Promotion Professional Committee was established. On the day of the inaugural meeting of the Investment Promotion Association, China Construction Bank Jiangsu Branch, Bank of China Jiangsu Branch and Jiangsu Junzhi Technology, Tongfu Microelectronics, and Nanjing Fiber Mars Air Communication held a signing ceremony.

Jiangsu builds 25,000 new 5G base stations

On July 13, according to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology: As of the end of June, the province has built 25,000 5G base stations this year, and a total of 41,000 5G base stations have been built, ranking the first square.

Jiangsu opens nearly 47,000 5G base stations

As of the end of July, Jiangsu had opened 46,828 5G base stations, ranking third in the country; this year, the province built 35,000 5G base stations, also ranking third in the country.

The cumulative number of 5G base stations built in Jiangsu ranks second in the country

In 2020, telecom operators in Jiangsu Province made every effort to eliminate the impact of the epidemic and accelerated the construction of 5G networks. As of the end of September, a total of 63,000 5G base stations had been built this year, ranking second in the country. At the same time, carry out the co-construction and sharing of communication facilities.

Jiangsu Mobile's 5G users exceed 10 million

According to news on December 2, as of now, Jiangsu Mobile has accumulated 6.564 million 5G terminal users; 5G package users have reached 10.015 million, and mobile broadband users have exceeded 16.9 million.

The scale of Jiangsu's 5G industry chain is expected to exceed 160 billion yuan this year

According to the director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology at the Jiangsu 5G Industry Alliance 2020 Annual Conference, Jiangsu Province has built a total of 68,000 5G base stations, basically covering urban areas above the county level, key central towns and development zones above the provincial level. region, the second largest in the country. A total of 1,037 5G convergence application projects have been implemented. The scale of the province's 5G industry chain is expected to exceed 160 billion yuan this year.
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