With the rapid development of the unmanned industry, the application field of unmanned aerial vehicles has been expanding in recent years, and its potential risks to civil aviation flight safety, personal and property safety, prison control safety, etc. have become more and more ignorable. The security governance and control of drones has become the focus of heated discussions in the industry, so there is Shenzhen Texin Electronic drone countermeasure system equipment.

Texin UAV countermeasure technology is mainly divided into three categories:

1. Monitoring and control classes realized by hijacking radio control, etc.;

2. There is the direct destruction class that uses violent technology.

3. Interference blocking type realized by signal interference, sound wave interference and other technologies;

The use of the anti-UAV system has a strong interference to the illegal intrusion of UAVs, and can also meet the needs of forced landing or return flight. There are many types of anti-UAV system requirements. When choosing an anti-UAV system, the type must be determined. When a good type is selected, a test must be performed to test whether the anti-UAV system can play a better role in the UAV. interference or signal cut-off.

Reviewing Editor: Fu Ganjiang

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