Power amplifiers are often used in many experimental research fields such as piezoelectric ceramic drive, transducer drive, MEMS test experiment, particle sorting, ultrasonic motor drive, etc. It is particularly important to choose a power amplifier with suitable requirements. Next, let’s understand the top ten reasons for choosing Aetna power amplifiers with the editor of Aigtek.

1. National brand, independent and controllable core patented technology, about 30% of the models fill the domestic gap and break the foreign monopoly;

2. There are complete types of indicators, which can cover frequency DC~25MHz, and a complete set of solutions with maximum output power within 10KW. Various models can be selected arbitrarily according to needs;

3. The original digital control gain system can quickly adjust the required output voltage to achieve perfect signal amplification;

4. LCD display, graphical display, clear interface at a glance;

5. The input and output resistance of the power amplifier can be adjusted in two levels, compatible with all mainstream arbitrary waveform function signal generators in the market, matching more capacitive, inductive and resistive loads, with a wide range of tests and safe and reliable tests;

6. Flexible master-slave mode, multiple devices can be cascaded to achieve multi-channel independent output and synchronous output;

7. Digital Monitor option, which can display the voltage waveform and current waveform output by the power amplifier in real time, the effective value and peak-to-peak value of current and voltage;

8. USB program control option, computer remote program control, easy for project integration;

9. Provide a free prototype trial, use it first before buying it, and avoid your worries;

10. Aigtek provides a complete after-sales technical support team, which can provide professional, efficient and low-cost localization services.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have an in-depth understanding of Antai Power Amplifier. If you want to know more about power amplifiers, wire harness testers, measurement and calibration sources and other test instrument product applications, please continue to pay attention to Antai Electronics.

Reviewing editor: Fu Ganjiang

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