The reporter followed the network theme activity of “wind from the sea · when the reform is in progress”, and the centralized wind collection activity of Tianjin station entered the comprehensive demonstration service center of smart grid in China Singapore eco city. As a typical demonstration area for the governments of China and Singapore to jointly explore the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, China Singapore eco city has always played the role of “experimental field” of new technologies for energy conservation and environmental protection. The smart grid comprehensive demonstration service center visited by this reporter is the first smart grid Innovation Demonstration Zone launched and built by State Grid Tianjin power in the eco city.

Intelligent dispatching management to solve intermittent power generation problems such as light energy

As clean energy, solar energy and wind energy are important directions for the development of energy science and technology in the future. However, the natural intermittence of sunlight and wind energy is a difficult problem to be solved in the development and utilization of solar energy and wind power generation. According to the staff, through intelligent dispatching management, the smart grid of the eco city has realized the joint operation of large-scale wind power, photovoltaic power plants and energy storage devices, as well as the joint transmission of conventional power generation and clean energy power generation, effectively eliminated the impact of intermittent wind power and clean energy power generation on the safe and stable operation of the power grid, and improved the consumption rate of clean energy, It has supported the large-scale development and utilization of clean energy.

Intelligent real-time monitoring and control to improve the defense capability of power grid

As a coastal area, the arrival of extreme weather such as typhoon often tests the safety of power supply network. In view of this situation, through the application of advanced technologies such as intelligent patrol inspection, on-line fault monitoring and diagnosis and large power grid operation control, the smart grid enhances the security and stability of the power grid in response to various operating environments and different types of faults, and greatly improves the defense ability of the power grid under external damage conditions. Moreover, through the smart meter and intelligent two-way interactive service platform, the power grid can perceive and respond to customer faults in real time, provide active repair services and quickly restore power supply.

Introduction to the first smart grid innovation demonstration area of Tianjin eco city

Power grid construction emerges, scientific and technological innovation can be copied and popularized, and the industrialization of achievements can be realized

During the construction of smart grid in eco city, a number of scientific and technological innovations have become replicable and popularized technology boosters. Three national 863 projects including “Research on technology integration of smart power distribution park” and more than 30 independent scientific and technological research projects have achieved a number of innovative achievements in key technology fields of smart grid and won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress award in 2016.

It is reported that these innovative achievements have achieved three breakthroughs: breaking through the key technologies of “plug and play” of distributed power generation and flexible control of microgrid, so that the annual clean energy power generation capacity of eco city can reach 13 million kwh; Break through the key technologies of operation control and power distribution and consumption integration of intelligent distribution network, and realize the power supply reliability rate of 99.999%; Break through big data and mobile Internet application technologies, build a smart city comprehensive energy information service platform, and support the construction of smart city.

At present, the relevant innovative achievements of the eco city have been applied to the 242 square kilometers of the central urban area of Tianjin, and promoted in 21 smart grid demonstration areas such as Shaoxing Jinghu new area and Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, realizing the industrialization and marketization of the demonstration achievements.

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