In the past, as a traditional entrance and exit management system, access control system is the preferred equipment for community residential and office buildings, usually based on swipe card and password lock. Generally speaking, in the past, the traditional way has common problems such as lost card, missing card, forgotten password, copied card, etc. it is difficult to pass through the gate if you are not careful, and the security has also been questioned by many parties.

Different from the key and access card, the face recognition access control system is unlocked by human face features. A series of related technologies, commonly known as face recognition and face recognition, are used to capture images or video streams containing human faces with cameras or cameras, and automatically detect and track human faces in the images.

The advantage of face recognition access control system is very obvious. First of all, the face recognition device combined with ID card verification system is fast, easy to operate and suitable for all types of identity verification; second, in the case of the operator’s proficiency and preparation, it takes only a few seconds to complete a person’s verification process; finally, the face recognition gate can support database management, which can export personnel information data to the third-party system use.

Introduction to the advantages of face recognition access control system

The school district’s face recognition access control system can organically integrate the face recognition technology with the access control system to form a set of intelligent and safe access control system. Effective recognition of face information in different situations can realize the comprehensive safety management of students and reduce the risk, so as to meet the needs of efficient access control management of teachers and students in school places.

The face recognition system combined with the application of gate in the entrance and exit of the community can effectively improve the recognition of the people coming and going, and help the security staff to effectively control and manage the people going in and out of the community. For example, service technicians such as takeaway and express can obtain access rights through face recognition method, which can effectively stop the illegal entry of foreign personnel into the residential area.

Of course, the self-service verification channel equipment for face identification is not only applied in common scenes such as residential areas and industrial parks, but also widely used in exhibitions, rental houses, concerts, sports games and other venues, saving time and simplifying the verification process.

In the context of the emergence of new applications, the scale of face recognition industry is expanding. According to the analysis report on market prospect and investment strategic planning of China’s face recognition industry released by the foresight Industry Research Institute, the market scale of China’s face recognition industry in 2018 is about 2.761 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 6.673 billion yuan by 2022 with the continuous expansion of face recognition applications in various fields.

Benefiting from the vast market space of face recognition in China, a large number of high-quality Unicorn enterprises in the field of face recognition have emerged in China, such as Shangtang technology, Kuangshi technology, Yuncong technology and Yitu technology, mainly in the fields of finance, medical treatment, monitoring, security and so on.

We can easily identify a person from each other, but machine face recognition involves quite a lot of technology. For example, picture processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, physiology and other technologies. In order to truly achieve safe, reliable and legal face recognition, achieve hands-free, senseless, intelligent and convenient, it also needs the support of the corresponding discipline progress and technological progress.

In addition, when using face recognition technology, all kinds of face recognition applications should fully refer to the existing laws and regulations and relevant standards to protect the rights and interests of users and the security of face recognition information. It includes evaluating the necessity of the application of face recognition technology, the accuracy of personal identity verification will not affect the major interests of individuals, or in situations involving social and public interests, the use of face recognition technology may not be given priority.

In the early stage, due to the cost and technical limitations, the development of face recognition access control system is arduous. With the increasing progress of face recognition technology, and the further release of the demand in industrialization, commercialization and other fields, face recognition access control can be said to be more and more popular with users. However, in order to make face recognition access control applications better, we need to cross the security, compliance and other gates.

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