In 2020, many countries have started 5g layout, and many countries have made remarkable achievements.

South Korea leads the world in 5g network speed

Among them, South Korea’s 5g construction is particularly eye-catching. It is not only the first country to start 5g business, but also has a high penetration rate of 5g, and the network speed is far ahead.

In the 5g network speed rankings of various countries published by many institutions, South Korea is at the top, and has won the first place of network speed for many times.

According to a previous data released by opensignal, South Korea ranked second in the analysis of 5g typical data rate of 12 countries with 312.7mb/s network speed.

According to Ding Yun, President of Huawei operator BG, South Korea’s 5g downlink rate is more than 600 megabytes, ranking among the world’s leading.

It can be seen that South Korea has won the opportunity of 5g construction.

China’s 5g ranks first in the world

Although China’s 5g network speed is lower than that of South Korea, its performance is not bad. According to Ding Yun, China’s 5g downlink speed is more than 270 megabytes.

Introduction to the achievements of 5g construction in China, South Korea and the United States

However, China has an advantage in 5g construction. At the 2021 world mobile communication conference held recently, Liu Liehong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, said that China has built 718000 5g base stations, accounting for nearly 70% of the global share.

The speed of China’s 5g construction is remarkable, and the number of China’s 5g construction is leading in the world.

At the same time, China’s 234 million 5g connections, also won nearly 87% of the global 5g connections, also has obvious advantages.

The United States is using “fake 5g”

The 5g construction of China and South Korea has achieved their own results, but the 5g construction of the United States is not very optimistic.

According to opensignal’s statistical analysis of the usage of hundreds of millions of terminal devices in the four major telecom operators in the United States from September to December 2020, it is found that the average 5g download speed of three operators is only 47-58mbps.

Among them, the 5g network download speed of Verizon, the operator, has seen an amazing decline, from 494.7mbps to 47.4mbps.

The 5g network speed of the United States is still in the category of 4G, which makes people doubt whether the United States has used “fake 5g”.

At the same time, several operations of American operators at & T and mobie have caused dissatisfaction of American users.

In order to promote its own 5g network, at & T began to promote 5g services in December 2018. However, what at & T provides for its customers is not the real 5g, but the “4glet” logo has been changed to “5Ge”.

At & T’s approach is marketing, but it makes many users think they are using 5g. Therefore, at & T’s behavior has caused many users’ dissatisfaction.

Mobie also has the problem of false propaganda, claiming that its 5g network has covered 60% of the United States. But in fact, mobie’s base station uses the low frequency band of 600MHz instead of the mainstream 5g band of 3.5GHz, which can be said to be fake 5g.

From this point of view, the lag of 5g network speed in the United States is not incomprehensible.

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