There are many distributed storage projects, such as arweave, SIA, filswan, and sinso. What are the advantages of ipfs/ filecoin?

First of all, the most important point is that the current computing power storage scale of filecoin has exceeded 16eb, which is an insurmountable peak for all storage projects at present.

Many projects can be completed in small-scale storage, but in large-scale storage, they may not be able to achieve coordination in all aspects of performance. For example, the problem with arweave is that it has no problem saving small files. Hundreds of terabytes can barely be synchronized. When it reaches the Pb or EB level, it may not be the same. Unlike filecoin, filecoin has reached hundreds of petabytes and reached the EB level as early as the space race.

Second, as the leader of the entire distributed storage track, filecoin is second to none in terms of technical scale, number of ecological personnel involved, and global influence. Filecoin’s team is mostly top research talents from Stanford, Harvard and MIT. They are constantly improving this model. Many people know that filecoin had a serious message congestion in the early days. Later, within a few months, they developed a z-cup upgrade method, which reduced the number of messages by more than 60%, and the gas fee dropped rapidly. This is not something that ordinary teams can operate on the public chain model.

So if someone has participated in the space race, you should still have memories. Before the main network goes online, the team has repeatedly practiced and solved the problems, such as a series of processing operations when the network is disconnected and the block consensus fails. We see that some public chains, such as Solana and polygon, are often broken in the operation of the main network, and messages cannot be blocked. This also makes us feel that as a commercially available blockchain, filecoin has solved many such disaster problems at an early stage.

Third, it has advantages in community support. Filecoin is very developer friendly, and there are various developer assistance projects. If the developer wants to test the order, as long as you have a GitHub account, you can get a 32GB real data store for your early test. If your development project is really helpful to filecoin ecology, you can also get a microgrant of about $5000 to enable you to quickly start your project.

As an enterprise level application ambassador, filswan has also established many tools, such as multi chain storage, which makes it easy for users to use metamask to pay for the storage of small files. For example, FS3 helps users migrate data from AWS or Alibaba cloud to filecoin network. These ecological projects are tirelessly empowering these enterprises and start-ups of web2 and Web3.

Filecoin also has many Hackathon competitions. In the early stage, it participated in some Hackathon competitions and later participated as a sponsor, such as some donation projects of dorahacks. Therefore, the filecoin ecosystem is very friendly to developers, applications and enterprises.

This is why I think filecoin is unique as the leader of the distributed storage track.

Ipfs/filecoin is the leader of distributed storage. It is similar to Tesla, a new energy vehicle five years ago and eight years ago. It has been verified and has been implemented. It is ready to be scaled up.

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