The RF chip converts the radio signal communication into a certain radio signal waveform and transmits it through antenna resonance to realize signal transmission and reception.

Trillion microwave: it is a professional and diversified RF microwave component supply platform.

Weir Co., Ltd.: it is a leading Chinese semiconductor design company in the world. The group’s R & D center and business network are all over the world, with an annual shipment of more than 13.5 billion.

Xinwei communication: one of the first batch of national high-tech enterprises, mainly producing various electronic components and modules related to RF.

Shunluo Electronics: mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of various chip electronic components, focusing on magnetic devices, microwave devices and sensitive devices.

San’an optoelectronics: it is a “national high-tech industrialization demonstration project” enterprise approved by the national development and Reform Commission and a “national technological innovation demonstration enterprise” recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology.

Ang Ruiwei: it is a leading supplier of RF front-end chips and RF SOC chips in China, with an annual chip shipment of 700 million.

Weijie Chuangxin: focusing on RF front-end, pursuing ultimate performance and focusing on customer needs, it is a leading force in the domestic PA industry.

Zhuo Shengwei: focusing on the research, development and sales in the field of RF integrated circuits, it mainly provides the market with RF switches, RF low-noise amplifiers, RF filters, RF power amplifiers, etc.

Ziguang zhanrui: it is one of the enterprises of global communication intelligent device integration technology, such as 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G.

Ampron: R & D, design, sales, technology transfer, technical consultation and technical services of RF power products.

The article is integrated from snowball and the official websites of various enterprises

Reviewed and edited by: Huang Fei

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